New home 2 zone heating TPOne-M to Hive 2 zone

14 Nov 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi All

New to this, In my old house I changed to Hive with no problem, however, the new home it has 2 zones, one) downstairs heating and H/W and then the upstairs heating(controlled by another thermostat.)

Can you help me with which wire to go where? I see a COM connection with a loop and a solid connection.

I have the HIVE regular thermostat and dual receiver for downstairs, and HIVE said I also need a dual channel receiver upstairs which I now have (thinking about it- upstairs only heats and now h/W so maybe it should be the single channel? If so can I still use the dual and just not connect it up?

Attached is the pictures of how the Danfoss TPOne-M is wired today.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated :)


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Usually when there’s 2 zones and hot water, there’s a wiring center - I would be looking to install the Hive receivers in there.
Not that I am aware of? Where you'd I look for that? What would replace these receivers on the walls is the Hive receivers are wired somewhere else?
Normally for DIY, I would recommend utilisng the the extisting thermostat wiring, dipping into the wiring centre is difficult, and you would need to know where every wire in there goes and what it does. However, in your case you have an added complication. The wires at the thermostats only control the heating. There are no wires there for hot water control, so the wiring centre is likely the only possibility for you. It's normally (but not always) located adjacent to the motorised valves and near the hot water cylinder.

You will need a dual channel Hive for one heating zone and the hot water, and just a single channel Hive for the second heating zone.

Here's a photo that might help you know what a wiring centre looks like.

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Thanks Stem, From the wiring pictures I attached which go where? ;)

Also if I have a dual receiver for upstairs can I still use and obv not use the HW connectors?

I have a hive dual receiver for downstairs and a hive mini dual for upstairs
This might be a case of getting someone in for this project ;)
Actually looking at it again the downstairs controller TPOne m, does have the hot water control as well, so it's not that bad after all, provided you don't mind the receivers being located in the same positions as the existing controls locations.


TPOne m

So 'NO2' corresponds to Dual Channel 'HW On' and 'NO1' corresonds to 'CH On'. N and L are straight forward.

Brown wire in NO2 = Hive 3 hot water on
Blue wire in N = Hive N
Brown wire in COM = Hive L
Black/brown wire in NO1 = Hive 4 heating on
Throw the red link away, Hive has this made for you internally


I've not fitted a Hive Mini, but I believer the receiver connections are the same as the standard version as per below, but please check. You require the single channel version for upstairs:


However, you only need a single channel version to replace the upstairs thermostat, the hot water control will be via the downstairs dual channel receiver. The problem you will have is that there isn't a 230V supply to the upstairs thermostat because it's battery operated, so you would need to get it connected to the same 230V fused supply as the downstairs unit.

For a Single Channel Version:

COM = Hive 1 Common
NO = Hive 3 heating on
Add 230V supply to N & L
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Great, thank you, so the red Loop cable between COM and L can be removed as the HIVE doesn't need it right?
Correct. It's made inside the Hive already for you. I've just added that to my earlier post after you read it. :giggle:
Fantastic, last question. It was Hive that sent me the dual receiver for upstairs. To save me from messing about and sending it back. Can I use the dual receiver but just not use the HW connections?
Yes, you could, but it might get confusing as there will be two lots of water heating control on the app but only the downstairs controller will be doing anything. Personally I would exchange it for the single channel version, but if you did decide to use the dual channel version:

Brown* in Com = Hive L
Black/brown wire in NO = Hive 4 heating on
You still need to get a neutral from the heating system wiring to the Hive N

*I'm assuming that the current wiring follows normal convention in that the brown wire is the permanent live and the black/brown the switched live.
I have arranged to swop it for a single channel, can I do the downstairs one whilst I wait? or better to do them both at the same time?
Good call, you won't regret it in the long run.

Yes, you can crack on with the downstairs one. I would always do them one at a time and check the first one is working OK before proceeding with the second one.

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