Hive Replacement for Danfoss Multi Zone

10 Mar 2022
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United Kingdom
I wonder if anyone can help.
I think I know how to replace the dual channel receiver by using this guide on the forum.
Hive 2 Channel Wiring - Replace Danfoss TPOne-M | DIYnot Forums

Zone 1.jpg

However I stuck on replacing the second zone and how I need to wire it up. The second zone is a battery operated thermostat and I'm not sure which wire, if any is the live and how to wire to the hive single channel.
Zone 2.jpg

Any advice would be great, thanks in advance.
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The wires in 'Com' and 'NO' in your photo above go to a second Hive receiver [Single Channel Version] terminals '1' (Common) and '3' (Heating On).

Your existing thermostat is battery operated, however, in the Hive receiver is mains powered, so in addition to the above, it also needs a 230V supply connected to its terminals N and L. This should come via the same 3A fused connection unit that supplies the boiler and the rest of the heating system, so that everything is kept on the same circuit for the purpose of isolation.

The brown wire presently in COM will probably be the permanent live (it could be the black but it's unlikely, but a check with a mulitmeter will confirm) so you can use a link to that for your L, and maybe the unused grey wire could be connected to a N at its other end to provide the neutral.
Thank you. So I would need to join the brown, if that’s the live, to the L on the Hive using a small piece of wire like what on the dual channel photo, and put the grey into the N?
Sounds about right.

1. Brown wire (if checked and found to be the permanent live) goes to 'L' and '1' (Common). The two terminals can linked using a small wire link as per the example below.


2. Grey wire. If you can find the other end of the grey wire and connect it to a neutral at its origin, it can then be connected to the Hive 'N'

3. Black wire goes to Hive '3' (Heating on)
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Great thank you.
I have installed the dual channel receiver and it’s working fine. Hive sent me 2x dual channel receivers so I can’t do the single till it arrives on Monday.

I have traced the grey wire into the control unit on the cylinder and tested it, it is the same wire. I just hope the brown wire is the live as it will be a simple change.

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Looks promising as best as I can tell from your photo without seeing what is connected to the other end of the wires. (y)

Sometimes, it can be good to install it in sections and get one part working before moving on to the next, just in case there are any problems (hopefully not), it narrows down where they might be.

Let us know how you get on please, as it is often useful if someone else stumbles across this thread later looking for help with their own installation.
All done, the replacement receiver turned up today.
Connected the grey wire to a neutral at the cylinder and wired up the receiver as per the posts above.
All up and running, thanks for all your help, excellent.

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