New plaster coming away from wall

Paid 625 thats with my own material 2 chinmey walls upto 1 meter up and a bit around the front door
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If I lived by you I would have done it for nothing or just enough to get myself a drink.!! I hate seeing people taking advantage of people... :(
You should have said you live nearby i would have given you the job. Where abouts are from? If i or any mates of mine after a plasterer i will give you a shout.
I never say where I am and at the moment I have got full time work, which is quite varied, Have'n't done any plastering for a while as the guy I work for has a lot of properties and we are sorting out drains at the moment, Variety, the spice of Life.....Check out my Media items and you will see what I mean..;)
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An amateur looking job. Just by looking at the completed wall, you can see it's been done by someone who hasn't really got much of a clue. As Steve says, the thick coat corner bead that he fitted is nowhere near straight/plumb, (was it a thick coat bead)?. The render has been scratched far too deep, by the wrong type of tool, should have been a "scratch (devil) float", with a "small" nail protruding "just enough" to provide a key. The render/plaster should have finished lower, about a couple of inches from the floor level, (max), to give the skirting a good fixing/backing. The overall look of the job says a lot. A newly plastered wall should have a neat look about it, with nice regular sweeps of the trowel up the wall or across, depending on your choice. I always prefer to rub up/trowel up the way, others might prefer to go across.
By troweling here and there, runny cream ( not good), too much water when trowelling, trowel running in all directions, makes a job look patchy, dog rough.
I suppose it's a better job than you had done the last time, and it's not falling off,, but it's still very poor quality, especially for the amount you paid.
I hope by the time the skirtings on and it's all decorated, it'll look ok.
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I hope so.. will probably have to pack behind skirting. I have always been told not to plaster below the dpc so i told him to finish just on the last brick mortar line. I agree the job could have been better but as long as it stick this time round i will be happy
Hi didn't. he said render needs to come. He plastered 1 meter high around chimney wall in 2 reception rooms bricked up both firplace too. Hes left a airbrick at the bottom as chimney not in use.
Does the chimney need to be blocked off the top? Can i put a paving slab on top of a mortar bed and completely block it of at the top?
I quote you from an earlier post where you say he's not charging much more for the extra render?
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Yeh most of the quote was for plastering. I think he was charging £70 extra to render but said if he was to plaster on old render there is no guarantee it wont fall off like it did before so i thought may as well pay the extra £70
He's taken you for a mug with those prices £70 extra for float that means he's quotef you £555 for a skim up to a metre, and the floating is the hardest bit , it wouldent t be so bad if his work was good

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