New value BS1362 fuse

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I agree(!) Outrageous

Other suggestions

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Try the "report item" link, bottom right hand corner.
I'm surprised that out of 111K items listed the seller doesn't stock the 15A variety as well.
yes it think these are suspect. As the fuse size in current increases so does the physical size as fuses have parts which can reach melting point so have to be able to get rid of that heat. What we really want is a fuse connection unit that will take a fuse of this
type. Then we could connect a European oven to a cooker supply without worrying about the results if a fault should happen.

However the lack of the larger FCU must mean people are temped to use the suspect fuses which could allow far more than 20A to flow. But the same diameter but longer auto fuse went up to 50A so it would seem a fuse of that size can handle the higher currents, however it is the items which use the fuse which have the problem, the 13A plug with extended use at 13A will discolour, warp or melt, so at 20A that's just asking for trouble.

However showing a picture of the fuse is one think, giving a link so people can buy the fuse is something else.
I like this from the description:

  • Mainly used for protecting the electrical circuit against overload and short-circuits.
Yeah, not much else.

  • It can be used in electric ovens,microwaves and many other things
The seller "sellerbible" sells lots of interesting bits, including spares for Aldi air compressors
I am fairly certain that Aliexpress is a company that acts as a marketting / selling service for hundreds if not thousands of manufacturers and like E-bay has little if any technical ability or interest to ensure items it sells / promotes are fit for purpose.
Wouldn't put it past a manufacturer to make a fused spur that accepts BS 88's....
Wouldn't put it past a manufacturer to make a fused spur that accepts BS 88's....
OK I see to some extent your point, you would not want a FCU with a 16A fuse from a ring final, however no reason not to have a 16A fuse on a cooker supply where it feeds an oven. Clearly the fuse shown is not BS 1362 as shown on the picture, but other than not being BS 1362 what is wrong.

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