Oak skirting boards - screw fixing and plugs

7 Oct 2015
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United Kingdom

I have some Oak skirting boards to fit over the weekend. I'd like to screw these in, however I'm a bit lost when it comes to hiding/filling the countersinks. I don't have a pillar drill, which seems to be mandatory to use plug cutters - so I'm not sure how to go about filling these holes with a grain match. Is there an alternative I'm missing ?

Edit: would it work to clamp a scrap piece of timber on top of the skirt to take the plug out of, drilling into that first then the plug cutter can't skew off once its gone through the scrap wood?
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you can manage to use a plug cutter in a normal drill if you have a steady hand.
your method wont work because of the size of the outside of the plug cutter,

no doubt you will have some scraps of the skirts left over,stand on them as you drill that way you use your weight to try and keep it central.
drill a shallow hole in skirting first with forstner type bit then the normal pilot hole for the screw. The shallow hole takes the place of the countersink. Get hold of a plug cutter the right size for making plugs to fit your shallow holes and find someone with a drill stand..... alot of people have these things knocking around in the garage then use it to cut your plugs. PS tapered plugs are better than paralell
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i have never used a pillar drill i just get the plug cutters from toolstation and use a battery drill
i have never used a pillar drill i just get the plug cutters from toolstation and use a battery drill

I think I have the wrong type of plug cutters lol. the ones I use skid all over the place. Lazily I've used the same type for ages without thinking - I'm guessing other types like yours are ok for hand held drills....OP needs to check this aspect out..
I've got the 4 prong type - think I need to upgrade:)
Quicky trick for drilling a hole over an existing hole in timber - cut a 90 degree vee-notch in the corner of a piece of plywood or MDF. Positioned over the hole to be enlarged/redrilled it will guide a Forstner bit when run slowly accurately. May need to be pinned into place on pre-fitted skirtings, though. Will do smaller holes as well, providing an auger bit is used. I've often used this trick for insetting restaurant/pub table number discs flush to the surface
Just a thought, I have used wax filler on an oak threshold, very easy & is not easy to see where its been screwed & filled, is this method not better than plugging?

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