OMG! Chimney fire, woodburner.

30 Apr 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi Folks,

Chimney fire, from woodburner, would much appreciate a guide for step by step cleaning and restoring chimney. Is it essential to get in a Corgi fitter for the lining? Chimney pot cracked so will need to come down.

Recently had a woodburning stove installed, was advised to get liner put in chimney - bit late now! :rolleyes: Could not find a Corgi registered person that was not to busy, son was going to do it as we like to DIY, was told had to have Corgi registered person do it for insurance purposes. Have not contacted insurance company yet. Have never claimed from them, or any other, in 40 years so hope they will come up with something! Don't want to put my foot in it so needs some thought! House in good repair!

Any info. and advice would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks! :)
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Corgi was for gas. You say it is a wood burner. No gas, no Corgi (in fact, its "Gas Safe" now

Ask your local chimney sweep for a recommendation.
Many thanks John, much appreciated!

Have tried to contact chimney sweep, left a message, very nice chap been doing it a long time and does a great job! Has had a heart bypass so has been out of action for a while. Back at work and recovering well now.

Is there a registered qualification that deals with chimney safety? Expect the chimney sweep will know. Like to plan ahead well.

Many thanks!
I think there is, but I haven't had a Multifuel since I lived in Washbrook, and am out of touch.
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Thanks Victorian, just what I needed!

John is that the Washbrook near Copdock? May have mentioned it before.
Have seen ads on this site for liners, has anyone fitted one, look quite straight forward to me. Think Eddie would be happy fitting liner once he had stopped getting rough on himself for not doing it before - called learning the hard way! :LOL: He has scaffolding, ladders and a friend who is a roofer willing to give a hand. Ed's wife is very good at turning her hand to a bit of DIY. House is solid 1930's. Used to get chimney fires when I was a youngster at Sparsholt, burnt mostly logs, forgotten what a chimney fire is like. Scary comes to mind as very noisy!

I moved out of the house around 15 years ago so Eddie and his wife could have a home to themselves. Have my smallholding with a wooden bungalow! Posted about concrete floor in piggery, think you answered John - or was it the fence posts needed coming out? All good advice and very grateful, thank you!

Much appreciate you help folks! Have a good evening and keep warm.
You've had a chimney fire as a result of not installing a chimney liner, not employing a competent person, not informing building control, and DIYing the install of a wood burning stove?

And you still expect your insurance company to pay out?????

Consider yourself lucky that you and your family aren't already dead of Carbon Monoxide poisoning!
Correction, the wood burning stove was installed by a person who claimed to be approved to install a wood burning stove! Was told a liner was not required, we checked up and found it was, may have been slow to get it done hence the fire. Idiots don't bother to come to this site - some don't! I did not say I was expecting the insurance to pay. Think you jumped the gun there! Very grateful to those members who have been helpful!

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