Painting new galvanised gate

25 Sep 2014
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United Kingdom
Evening all

I will shortly be needing to paint a large sliding gate black that has been freshly galvanised.

What's the current best way to do this so the paint doesn't peel in time?

Seems to be a mixture of mordant solution then preferred choice of top coat or zinc phosphate primer then top coat.

Also any suggestions for a long lasting black satin top coat?

Thanks for all suggestions and advise

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If it is freshly galvanised I would definitely give it a wash over with mordant, a coat of primer wouldn't go a miss either, will definitely give you a better finish. Then a decent metal paint as top coat.
I had looked at the zinsser all coat previously, seems there is a wb and solvent based one - would there be a difference in applications?

I think I was erring on the side of a mordant wash, just need to find some reasonably priced, £50 for 5 litres was a bit of a surprise!
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I'm just giving you a alternative, go with what you are comfortable with and believe will last a reasonable amount of time.

Zinsser does have good adhesion, but on a newly galvanised gate I would err on the side of giving it a mordant wash whatever you chose.
You should be able to get 5 litres of mordant for about half that.
You can acid etch new galv with white vinegar, clean it all first with detergent, then wipe down with the vinegar, clean again and it's ready for priming. Zinsser allcoat exterior is brilliant stuff but Zinsser do say to prime new galv with their 123 first before the allcoat.
Didn't know about the vinegar - I'd say you can't go wrong with all Zinsser system.
Thank you. I had read up a little about the vinegar, but there seemed to be talk of using vinegar to remove galvanizing - which I don't want to do.

Had a chat with my local decorating store and they recommended mordant wash then the Zinsser All Coat. I have decided to go down this route, as Nige F suggests, Zinsser seems to be well regarded, but will prime with Bulls Eye 123 then a top coat or two of All Coat.

Still awaiting delivery of the gate, so yet to get started.
IMHO your local decorating store is only selling you the bulls eye 123 to get a bit more custom out of you and I don't think it will add anything to the adhesion of the all coat.
But if you are happy and for piece of mind then go with their advice.

I would tend to agree with that, though as a primer 123 is excellent and adheres like 5h1t to a blanket

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