parallel & taper threads

Obviously the YP69 you are referring too would be the 1"x 28 in which case is fine for 28mm primaries , gets a tad expensive when using 22mm primaries as an additional 28x22mm reducer will have to be used, simple and cheapest would be to use the yp/N68 (1"x22mm) , if using 28mm primaries then I use the 1"x28mm female copper.
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Hey dave Google "N68 1"x ¾".
Endex N68 would be 22mm x 1" or 15mm x 3/4".

The correct fitting to use would be the 'CU68' , not difficult at all. :confused: either use the tapered or flat face seating dependant on coil.
:?: Not sure what you mean by the underlined text in the quote. N68/YP68 is a cone shaped joint.

As I said depending on which type cylinder , some coils accept a tapered 68 where as some accept a flat face 68 with washer.
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So the OP has now got the info he was looking for. :rolleyes: being the xxxxx68. :p
You can buy these fittings like their going out of fashion but to find the correct washer to do the job correctly seems to be a struggle. I am by no means a plumber but can get by just about, however my plumbing terminology can come across vague and even plumb centre couldn't understand what I wanted LOL.

all your help is very much appreciated fellas and I do could not find the CU 68 fitting :confused:

You have hit upon a very valid point - It is all to easy for those in the trade to resort to "Tech Speak" which incidentally can be regional! I slip up myself from time to time. The use of terms that the DIY'er can use and understand would be more helpful. So if you want a cylinder union that's the best thing to call it and if it comes in different flavours then added description helps. A valid part number can be very useful as it is usually specific.

On the subject of your parallel threads, I never seen a washer supplied with a fitting like the wickes one you linked to. The joints were made with boss white and hemp. These days I use loctite55 on parallel as to me it is the modern equivalent of boss white and hemp and cleaner to use!

Tap connectors (internal washer), tank connector (external poly or rubber) Immersion heaters (external washers) are the only washers that come to mind with regard to supply pipework in domestic installations. Whilst you can get 1/2" BSP external fibre washers I do wonder if anyone actually goes to the trouble of getting them for those fittings.
Think there's a couple of pre-owned ones in the garage, seems a shame to scrap em even when I ain't never gonna use them
had a 6in bronze elbow in there till it went walkies one night

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