Patio flooded with water

8 Jun 2017
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United Kingdom
IMG_20170606_205531082.jpg IMG_20170608_104314154.jpg IMG_20170605_210551387.jpg Hi,

I m new to the forum. I m looking for some advice and suggestions for handling this big puddle that sits in patio after heavy rains.
I live in a mid-terrace house. I have a conservatory built in my back garden by previous owners. Just outside the conservatory, we have these flagposts laid out. When it rains heavy, water from neighbouring properties travel in my property and sits on my patio , as that's the lowest point in the row if houses. Even after rain stops water keeps seeping in from land as this is lowest point and stays on my patio. This due to lack of proper drains on my patio, ( grilled meshy ones) . This was told by professional guys. The water is not clean or sewage water, its land water. We got this tested from utilities guys. They too suggest ACO drains to be installed.

The problem I m facing currently is, I do not have any rain water/ storm water drain pipes in my garden. I share rooftop rainwater pipe with one of my neighbour. These are installed in alternate houses in our estate. Neighbour is not quite ok for me to connect this water to the gutter which sits in his garden. ( Though that's a shared one) My query to people on this forum would be , what alternatives do I have, other than connecting to shared rainwater pipe?
If I have any easier n sustainable option then I might go for it instead of getting into long discussions with neighbour.
Would soakaway work?
Can I connect another (new) rainwater pipe to the pipes running underground? I would assume this might need approval or something?
Sorry for this longish message. Hope I have laid out my problem clearly.
Looking for some suggestions..
Many thanks..
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a few more, showing the layout of the garden, patio, house, neighbour, drain, would help
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Here are more pics. I guess I have covered all angles.
I assume previous owner would have taken permissions when he built conservatory. Does that not include sorting this drainage thing out. My hope is he had permissions but did not invest in rainwater drainage.
so the patio is lower than the grass. Are you on a hill? Show us the garden looking away from the house.

Where is the dpc of the house?

does the house have concrete floors?

what is on each side of your house?
House is not on the hill. But garden slopes towards the house. And yes, grass is higher than patio.
Either side is house is plain grass n pebbles. They are on higher land than my patio. Same as grass level.
What is dpc? Sorry, I m fairly new to diy world.
Add pics in the album, garden , Have a look and let me know your thoughts please!
Many thanks
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If it were my house I would connect and ACO into the nearest drain (foul, surface or combined. I'd have a gully on the outlet of it to catch the majority of the silts.
Thanks for reply. I too have ACO drain on my mind. But to connect to drain, my nearest drain is in my neighbour's garden . This is shared between his n my house. I m not sure if he wud allow us to drain it in manhole which sits in his garden. ideally he shud allow ..but never know.
Anyother workaround to ACO drains?
Will this drainage thing be covered during planning permission for conservatory? I might chk with previous owner in that case
Is the front of your house lower than the front?

Is there a front garden?

Why is the grass higher if you are not on a hill?
I'm with Ian, sounds like you need to connect this to a rainwater system or as a last resort a foul waste system.

You don't need a connection to connect to, you can create one. Its more work but doesn't sound like you have a choice.

As Ian said, where is your soil pipe and what about kitchen sink, washing machine etc?? Where do they go?
Washing machine, dishwasher and sink are all the front of the property. I won't be able to take this water in that drain.
So you both suggest I route/ channel water via ACO drain and connect it to rainwater system underground.
How much you deep are those rainwater pipes you reacon? Also do I need to go for some permissions etc from council for connecting my pipes to existing system?
Many thanks for your options. Looks like I m finally getting somewhere, was kind of dead-lock situation from last two week.
@JohnD -- the front of the house is almost in line with the grass, which is at the rear of the property... No garden in the front. The grass slopes towards the patio, which appears like a shallow ditch sitting between the grass and the conservatory. Hope this gives you a picture.. I am told that the patio cannot be lifted to the level of the conservatory as there is a minimum clearance required between the two. Don't know if this is a design flaw.

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