Patio flooded with water

It could be any depth.

In your neighbours manhole the pipe may run parallel with the back of the houses, that would give you an idea of depth.

I personally wouldn't ask anyone for permission, I'd be more concerned with getting rid of the water.

I think any soakaway would soon be overwhelmed.
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Thanks Ian for your help.i will post updates as I decide n finish work on my patio
Hi ,
Good morning! It's been raining heavy today. Emptied all water yday eve, just to have new puddle next to my patio.
Saw that water is infact coming in from next door garden. Any fix for this till i get gardener to sort out ACO drains?
Have a look at the vid pls.

I m panicking door guy is not ready for me to use common drain. And the fact that water is seeping in from his garden is making me mad. I suspect his soakaway is leaking.anyway,if anyone can suggest quick fix for time being till ACO drains come.
build a small brick wall on your side of the boundary to prevent his water coming in. Let it flood his garden and he may soon change his mind.

You will need some dry weather, then quickly dig a trench and fill it with concrete, then build enough courses of brickwork to top the water level.

You can demolish it when an accommodation has been reached.
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build a small brick wall on your side of the boundary
Good idea. For the "foundation" use bags with dry mix of sand and cement, the flood water will soak them and they will then go hard. Easier than wet mixing and carrying wet mix to the trench. Maybe use bags above ground level instead of bricks. Much quicker to stack bags and the wall doesn't need to be that strong to hold back a foot or so of water,

Bags from builders merchants or even Argos
If you can find any drain you can open it to take the water.

There must be some pipework in your back garden, toilet, main sewer, shared rain water drain?

If the neighbour has a manhole the pipe will probably pass under your garden on the same line, if the neighbour on the other side has a manhole too that will give more clues to the line of any drain.
Got all the water drained. Them some quick fix with whatever I had available in the garden shed. Tomm I m planning to get quick set cement and block the water seepage.
Hopefully it will delay further flooding

Many thanks guys, you all were great help!
A few pics to follow...


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What is dpc?

Damp proof course, its defined by that black rubber line just under the doorseal in your picture.
Any water above that or close too that could lead to problems internally
Usually patios etc are built a few inches below that for that reason and never above them.


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