Peugeot 307 rear wiper woes.

26 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
I suspect this is a common problem!

This 307 car is 2007 and a cheap run around as I had to retire my Scenic due to the auto box locking up so often.

Regularly and with no obvious connection with anything else, the rear wiper does a wipe/wash procedure.

It is a bit intermittent and sometimes hardly does it at all and other times 10 to 20 times on a short journey.

Fiddling with the stalk switch does not seem to make it start this.

Anyone know what really causes this?

Someone mentioned a "comm 2000" ! Anyone know what this is?
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Comm 2000 is a device that lives behind the steering wheel, and allows full connection of the switches and stalks on the column to work when the steering wheel is being turned.
It is responsible for many curious faults, but I don’t know if your is included!
I take it your car doesn’t have automatic front wipers, with a sensor in the windscreen?
John :)
Some rear wipers suffer because of water ingress of the actual motor inside the tailgate, if possible remove the cover and take a look for signs of dampness. Sometimes tailgates rust from the inside to out because of this as my Golf estate did.
As it does the whole wash/wipe procedure I expect that it is a fault at the front control end rather than just at the rear wiper motor.

Although playing with the stalk does not prompt it, rotating the steering wheel could always be a possibility. I mostly notice it when driving straight but will be watching more carefully now.

Many other Peugeot models do have these rain activated wipers but I do not think this one does. It seems to be most basic car possible particularly after the Scenic which almost had too many features.

Since the rain activation is primarily for the front wipers this seems unlikely as this problem is only with the rear end. So annoying as it empties the washer reservoir in a short journey.

If it did have rain activation then what does it look like?
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The first indication is 'auto' written on the wiper stalk. Many cars so equipped will give the occasional wipe of the rear wiper and will also wash the headlamps, if HD types.
John :)
No auto to be seen on the wiper stalk.

But has been a less common fault recently when there has been little rain.