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29 Jun 2012
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United Kingdom

i'm looking at installing probably a texecom system but i want to minimise false alarms.

Now i don't mind spending a little more on PIR but where i'm confused is there are like 3 or 4 options

1) What is the difference between Dual Technology and Quad Detection -

From what i gather the dual tech have pir and microwave so probably good for like kitchen environment etc where you can get temperature change which is also true for my living room as in summer it catches all sun in morning and can get very hot

Now i'm not sure if Quad detection - which i believe has two sensors also has dual technology if not why is a 2 pir detector called quad detection

2) Texecom have Premier and Premier Elite - looks they seem to indicate premier elite is for commercial environment why can't it be used in home is it just a price thing ?

Is premier elite superior




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I use DSC LC 151, dual technology pir (pir+mw), it works just fine. By the way it is an outdoor motion sensor.
dual sensor isnt dual technology. dual technology use infrared and microwave two technologies, and having a DT will help limit false alarms.

To be honest you can use either, if you have a premier alarm system (pre Elite v2 with pre version 2 wireless expander) then some of the wireless products wont work correctly, new devices would require require a firmware upgrade on the Premier Elite to work, for example the carbon dioxide sensor will work on version 3.02 elite panels and above.

I don't think I was clear in what I said

1) was looking for explanation of difference between DT and QD

2) Texecom kits come mainly with compact PW - W which I take it are the basic model is it worth investing in DT or QD pirs instead

I want to setup a good stable system
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DT is dual technology infrared and microwave.

QD is just infrared.

In a DT two separate technologies have to give a positive to get an alarm activation.

A QD is 4 sensors and two of which need to activate to give an alarm, but the source of the activation if not an intruder is likely to cause two of the four to activate.

with two separate technologies it is more likely that an activation by both is a true activation.

normally a DT would be placed in areas where false alarms are likely, ie Conservatory, garage, in a room with skylights.

If I was to choose the best of the two it would be DT, but as there is a price difference is it wort it??? only if its going to stop false alarm, and if the QD is fine then theres no need

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