Possible website virus/hoax/phishing?



Hi , I was playing games on a free game site earlier on today and was playing a game when all of a sudden a window opened saying that I might have a virus on my computer... The window looked as though it was an official Microsoft Windows message. However, when I tried to close the window I got a messgae saying , do I want to download the software to fix this program?

I already have Avast antivirus software installed and running, so closed the window using task manager.
Do you reckon this is one of those rogue sites that tell you that you have a virus just to get you to install malicious programs?. Have run Avast and sone a full scan now and have nothing untoward on my computer ...

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sounds like the privacy centre virus, it took me almost a week to get rid of this on a friends computer!
have a look at the suggested free software on here such as malwarebytes etc and install it on your machine and do a full scan
Go by the rule of remembering that unless you're on a website that has run a scan of your PC, a website that warns of a virus/trojan/nasty is generally telling fibs. Especially if it's a site offering free games - they have to make their money somehow.

If you are worried, make sure that Avast is up to date, close all browsers and games, and run a full scan
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This was on freeonlinegames.com . I go on there quite regularly just to pass the time away.

Just happened to have been playing one of the games and suddenly the warning came up. I realised that Avast should have found any virus before windoze ever would so just closed the window and got the pop up widow opening asking me to download a (genuine) windows program to get rid of the virus.
Yeah Right.........
If I can remember which game it was I'll pass it on. I'll also report it to the website admin on fog.com

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