Post the best photo you took today

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My idea of a nice cruise was a boat of 16, going round the Galapagos. "Hey guys if you want us to stop so you can pop in here you'll see hammerheads." Only us and 1 other couple popped in, but we saw hammerheads.

My idea of cruising would be a chartered boat with driver and galley slave included. Drifting around the smaller Greek Islands, mooring in a a bay, early evening drinks on board before taking the tender in for dinner of souvlaki or fresh fish at a quayside taverna. Hope my numbers come up soon! :(
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I thought hammerheads were dangerous? I've swam with Nurse sharks and Eagle Rays in Belize.
Nah. We saw groups of them at some depth - we were only snorkeling - but a few come up to mooch around the rocks. They give you the eye as they go past but can be quite inquisitive. Boating round there is regulated, so the hotel boats can only do specific places. If you go little group, you can go anywhere, but still only with guides etc. The islands are well spread - about 100 km/miles covers them. We only saw one other boat the whole time. Apparently it was a 64 berth. They do multiples of 16.
There aren't many places you can bob about treading water in a bay, being dive-bombed by fishing petrels (I think), watch the penguins, and get literally nudged by sealions. White tipped reef sharks cruising through too. Tropic birds overhead.
If you hadn't done your homework you'd be surprised the sea , though on the equator, is cool because of the Humbolt. Warmer in an El niño year but then the fauna's upset. The pengins suffer. Equally in a La niña but then it would be colder but with a richer sea. The frequency of those events isn't changing dramatically with global warming, but the strength is. The Trade winds (traditional easterlies) almost reverse in some areas, and they drive thesurface currents if not the thermohaline ones - - - I could go on but heaven forbid I'd get boring.

(too late??)
No' 1 sons best mate is an extremely wealthy businessman with a somewhat wayward wifey. She got pi$$3d at a charity auction a few years ago & bid £50k on a week on a 120ft superyacht.

6 couples went, putting £2k each into a kitty to pay for the food, fuel & tips which was charged as extra's. They all reckon it was the best holiday experience they ever had. The boat is listed at £100k pw for charters & they're seriously considering chartering it again !
Some trees eating a metal fence.

The Celts believed the apple to be associated with rebirth and were said to bury apples in graves as food for the dead, a practice that is shown to date back over 7,000 years to Europe and West Asia where petrified remains of sliced apple have been found in tombs from 5,000BC.
The common apple we know now was most likely introduced to this area of the world by the Romans. So, Celtic lore when it speaks of ‘apple’ would in all likelihood mean crab apple.

In the Arthurian legend, depending on which version you read, Nimue entraps Merlin within a tree and the most likely source for this tale could be an ancient tradition for druid burial where an apple is placed in the grave, grows into a fine fruit tree which becomes a gateway to the underworld.

So, give an old tree a hug never know who's listening.:mrgreen:
Should have put it in trunking. obvs.
My neighbour has a length of 16mm SWA cable running the length of their garden to the shed, over 50', un-trunked and left to snake its way as it likes. I resisted the temptation to bury it under the fence gravel boards.
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