Problem with Soundbar power connector - Sony HT-SF200

7 Feb 2015
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Hi All,

I bought my parents a soundbar, a Sony HT-SF200, just over a year ago and it's recently started to play up, switching itself off while they're watching the TV. They're both getting on a bit, so the soundbar helps them to hear what's going on. They live a bit away from me so I'm unable to get round to their home to have a proper look.

My dad has had a look and it appears there is a problem with the DC in, on the back of the bar. A small piece of plastic, cylindrical and about 6mm long, seems to have 'fallen' out of the input bit, leaving what looks like two metal pins inside. I've included a photo below:


and the plastic bit:


The adapter part of the power cable looks okay (see below, apologies for the bluriness).


He told me that the power on the soundbar will switch on when the cable is initially pressed into the socket. However, it loses power as soon as the soundbar is moved. He's tried taping the connection up, to try to hold the cable in place, but without success. Is there anything we can do to help fix this? Can the black plastic bit be fitted back into the DC input? Apologies if this is obvious, but I'm unable to get to their house to have a proper look and don't want to tell him to do anything that'll cause more problems.


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Yes looks to me like the power supply plug has come apart, given the distance between yourself and the soundbar and the seemingly limited (no offence) knowledge your dad seems to have it might just be easier to get a new power supply and be done with it. Though non genuine power supplies aren't always the best (not that the original was very good) eg|tkp:Bk9SR86ciPLNYQ
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While the right-angle "female" power supply plug is intact the "male" socket on the "Sound Bar" has "fallen apart" - or, been damaged ?!?!

If not "damaged", given that the device was obtained "just over a year ago", this is not satisfactory and it should be repaired/replaced by the Dealer/Manufacturer.
I strongly suggest that you adopt this course of action !

However, if you do not get satisfaction of this matter, the existing device mounted male DC Power Socket could be replaced, if you have the necessary skills.

The connectors are (probably) 2.5 mm connectors (although they could be 2.1 mm, which needs to be checked.
You can obtain appropriate connectors (with lead) quite cheaply.
However, to obtain this item at short notice you may need to go to a UK supplier and pay more than you may via E-Bay.

Having this connector and lead you would need to gain access to the "inside" of the Sound Bar, pass the lead through the existing hole and solder the correct wires to the internal connections, making certain to observe the correct polarity. (The Centre Connection is Positive.)

(It may be possible to completely remove the existing connector on the Sound Bar and "cement" in the replacement connector - using epoxy resin as an adhesive.
However, this would require great care, to ensue that the "circuit board" within the Sound Bar was not damaged during this procedure.)

Good Luck
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Thanks, all, for the feedback and suggestions.

I'll chase Sony again, see if they can help. I tried them before and they just directed me to their repair centres (at my own cost). I'll get down to my parents and have a look at the connections soon to see if there's anything I can do in the short term, based on your suggestions.

Thanks, again, for your assistance.


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