Public Liability Insurance

The public liability on your household policy is for people having accidents on your property, rather than you working on other peoples.

Dfordave... I have not got the details at home, I will get them from my office for you tomorrow.
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if you run a business then you need commercial public liability insurance, as d&J said your household insurance covers you for what happens in and around your own home, not what happens when you are working, and yes it is a legal requirement and you are legally required to display it and give the details if reasonably requested.

Not if you are a company or sole-trader with or without an office/shop/workshop etc.
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Compulsory or not, lets face it, you would be mad not to have it considering the cost. Can you imagine the situation where you were up a ladder and dropped something on a passerby and badly hurt them(or worse!) Victim aside, you could reckon house,car,van, any savings etc, gone, in an instant, and maybe working the rest of your life for next to nothing.

It's unlikely any of us on here understand insurance fully. I was in business over 20 years and never had a problem (I did have claims) but I always used a broker who knew his job. He has retired now so I had to change.

DforDave. I use these people, but they are in Stockport so may be to far for you. They seem OK though.

CCG. 0161 480 0050. I deal with Chris Hall and he's a nice and helpful Guy. Don't really want to put my name on here though. Good Luck.
Sorry for the confusion, Thermo, my reply was based on:

Eddie M said:
For what, it comes with your household insurance, and it is not mandatory.

and I thought my reply would 'land' underneath his post. Time flies ;)

edited to correct "quote"
Just thought I would close this thread tidily.

Thanks to everyone for they responses.

In case it is of interest I ended up going for a policy with AXA, through a Broker. £5m Public Liability plus £10m Employee Liability (needed because I am a limited company) for £215.92.

Best quote out of four - I might have found a cheaper one if I had kept looking but I thought I was coming up against the law of diminishing return!
Fair quote that DforDave, just out of curiosty you said you are limited so does the employers liability policy cover you personally for accidents? If it doesn't see if you can get it as an extention on the policy.

The reason I say this is that if it is a company insured you may be termed an employee. This type of cover would cost us mere self employed people a lot more against accidents (if you can get it) Think they believe we take more risks!
The Employees Liability covers my Limited Company for any compensation claims that I might make against the company if I get injured whilst working for the company.

Yours is a good comment though. There is a Personal Accident option in the policy, that I opted out of. I may well go back to the broker and find out the cost of including it. It covers loss of limb(s) or total loss of sight, or total disablement. Not the most comprehensive of cover, but may be worth adding to supplement my existing private health insurance.
OK, so here's a different question you guys might be able to answer:

As a member of the general public, how do I confirm that your liability insurance is valid?

Thanks, in advance....

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