Pyronix Enforcer not arming after battery change

15 Feb 2024
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United Kingdom

I just moved into a new place with an existing Pyronix Enforcer with a deltabell sounder from 2013. It hadn't been used for a while so I changed the batteries in the sounder and all the door sensors and PIRs but I am still getting a low battery error on the control panel which lists all the devices I thought I'd fixed.

When I try to arm the system I need to select to override the warnings and then it counts down but when it gets to zero nothing seems to happen.

Is there a way to reset it so it recognises that the batteries are all fine and would that then enable it to arm the alarm as normal?

I think the code I have is the user code and no way to get engineer code.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

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Just to be clear are you saying the panel is indicating the wireless devices you have put new batteries in as still having low batteries?
yes that's right. The PIRs are lighting up when I walk past them but the control panel is still indicating low batteries
Doesn’t really make sense as the panel should recognise the new batteries. When you aren’t trying to set the alarm is the yellow triangle flashing?
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When I go to the control panel it has the warning triangle flashing. If I enter the code it cycles through the fault warning for each of the allegedly low wireless batteries. I can press no then enter the code and it asks if I want to arm zone A. If I press no it goes back to showing the time. If I press yes then I can force it to over ride the fault but once it counts down the timer it just goes back to displaying the time again.
Sounds like the original engineer has enabled engineer fault resets. Do you have the engineering code?
I don't have I only have one code and it seems to be user code only. Is there a way to reset the engineer codes?
Try 1111

It’s unlikely to work but that is the default engineering code
unfortunately that hasn't worked, I tried 2222 as well just in case. Is there a way to factory reset the system? I guess if so I'd need to re-programme everything.
There is but it’s slightly complicated and if you make a mistake you’ll fry your panel. Where are you located?
Southside of Glasgow. I guess at this stage I don't have much to lose
Might be worth getting a firm in. A bit too far for me to do as a homer
Thanks for help - any ballpark estimate of what I should expect to pay?

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