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  1. R

    Pyronix Enforcer not arming after battery change

    Hi I just moved into a new place with an existing Pyronix Enforcer with a deltabell sounder from 2013. It hadn't been used for a while so I changed the batteries in the sounder and all the door sensors and PIRs but I am still getting a low battery error on the control panel which lists all the...
  2. W

    Pyronix Enforcer error

    Last week my alarm panel reported "Downstairs Hall Wireless - low battery". The Downstair hall sensor is on our front door and is the main entry/exit. I have replaced the battery (twice) but the error will not clear. According to information I have seen it should just be a matter of accepting...
  3. J

    Multiple Bells on Pyronix Euro 46

    Hello all, It’s been a long while since I fitted an alarm out, I’m usually sat behind a computer screen programming CCure - but anyway a family friend has asked for an alarm on their business. They want 4 bell boxes for some crazy reason, can this be done on a euro 46? If so how would you go...
  4. A

    Pyronix pir detector setup

    Hi, I am looking to wire a Pyronix pir detector (KX10dp) using a 6 core cable. Out of the box, do i need to make any changes to the detector? Does the detector come preset as double pole? I am planning on using the double pole method. Thanks
  5. J

    Pyronix delta bell. Strobing but no sound?

    Hi all, Can someone help me. I have installed a new Pyronix enforcer 32 and a delta bell siren. The existing wiring was already in the walls. I’ve wired up as followed: Backlight Disable >>>> not used T >>>> Com on main panel T >>>> 0v on bell with 2k2 resistor Eng. Hold >>>> Not used Bell...
  6. C

    Pyronix 46s v10 Mains Absent

    Hi, I’ve installed a new Pyronix 46s v10. All seems fine but for one annoying fault, it keeps saying ‘Mains Absent’. The alert appears about a minute after startup. This is despite having removed the battery and system is purely running on mains and yet it believes their is no mains supply. Can...
  7. eveares

    Pyronix Enforcer v10 - Wi-Fi and GPRS at same time?

    With the Pyronix Enforcer WE v10 panel, I know it comes with Wi-Fi built in as standard, but if you get the GPRS SIM module, does it replace the "built in" Wi-Fi module or is it in addition to it? I.e. can you install the GPRS module in addition to what it comes with OR would you need the v11...
  8. A

    Pyronix deltabell x dbA

    Hello, I am looking into a Deltabell X and i am a little confused. Could somebody please confirm whether the deltabell X twin piezo is 104 or a 109 dbA external sounder? On cctvcentral it is rated as 104 dbA. My second question is, what is the difference between the deltabell X grade 2 and...
  9. S

    Pyronix Euro 46 V10 Hybrid Panel Small - KX10DP and DeltaBellX Help?

    I am in the process of replacing my old out of date wired alarm system with the Pyronix Hybrid Euro46 Small V10 (Grade2) Control Panel and Wired PIRs ( Pyronix KX10DP ) and Wired Pyronix DeltaBell X Module But on wiring up the PIRs I have come to a problem with the instructions that came in the...
  10. J

    Castle Euro Mini alarm problem. Please help.

    I moved into a house with a Euro mini alarm plus a pyronix v2 tel unit. Never had a problem with it, but we don’t actually use the alarm often. We came home to the internal speaker making a constant alarm and the main alarm panel showing error code 485 loss of Comms please wait. No buttons...
  11. D

    Pyronix Euro Mini

    Hi, I'm looking for some help on this system if anyone can please. My friend just moved into a 5 year old property and this system was already installed . He has no manuals, just the user code. When the alarm is set off, the keypad sounds, the strobe flashes but the siren does not sound. I...
  12. J

    Pyronix enforcer (silent alarm)

    Hi there I’m looking for some help on programming the enforcer. Basically what I need to do is when it is being set on a Night set, I don’t want it to sound the bell if triggered just the internal siren if this is possible any help would be appreciated
  13. A

    Pyronix EURO 46 V10 - ARC Call Fail bleeps

    Hi all - I'm struggling with the alarm system in our new house. The old owners obviously had ARC monitoring previously, which expired. The alarm was setting and unsetting fine for a while. Now when I unset it at the front door the LCD says 'ARC call fail' and emits two bleeps followed by two...
  14. T

    Pyronix HomeControl+ no longer getting notifications when set/unset

    Hi all Self installed my alarm system 4 years ago. All went in fine and was happy with the cloud/notification integration. All was fine... Then Pyronix released the newer ProControl+ app. Adding the system to the new app was simple enough. I can arm and disarm the system from the app. I get...
  15. D

    Pyronix Euro 46 Control Panel Arc Call Fail

    Please can anyone help. I have a Pyronix Euro 46 Alarm with a gprs + sim module. After the free year of the Home Controll app, I changed the communication setting to just sms signalling. Everything was working fine until about 3 weeks ago. I was getting a test text every week. That stopped and I...
  16. 3

    Pyronix KX-Brackets

    Any idea where i can locate some tamper-option kits (KX-TAMPER) for these brackets? Thanks
  17. G

    Pyronix alarm stuck!

    Hi, I have a pyronix alarm (46) and I have setup zone C. It’s not stuck in an armed position. I can see from some Googling pyronix changed the settings and it’s clear my codes (usual user code or engineering code) don’t work with c due to the settings. I need to unarm zone c before it will let...
  18. M

    Pyronix 'engineer restore required' after removing sensor cover?

    Hi Pyronix alarm system one year old. I removed the cover of a sensor to paint round it. Switched the tamper alarm off. Finished painting, replaced cover, tried to reset the system -- now the system is saying 'engineer restore required'. Control flashes continuous orange. Has been like that...
  19. M

    Pyronix keyfob we problem

    Customer had alarm installed a few years ago. Never any problems with the keyfobs or alarm. Last service was about 6 months ago. Customer calls today to say that all his keyfobs (i think he has 3) now wont set the alarm but they can unset the alarm... Any ideas?
  20. H

    Pyronix Enforcer & Deltabell

    Hi all, Losing my mind a little, I’ve got a pyronix enforcer alarm system and a deltabell external sounder. I have lights etc on the box however when I run a siren test from the control I’m not getting anything. On the panel my outputs are 14 strobe and 16 there something I’ve...