Pyronix Enforcer not arming after battery change

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A walk test wont trigger your siren, and a soft reset wont reset the codes. But could solve any gremlins that your system has. So worth a try before forking out for somebody who knows how to come and reset the codes and diagnose your issue
So the walk test didn't do anything. i.e. it didn't register any of the inputs but I did manage to pull the power and battery and the system seems to be working now.

I have 2 new problems though.

1. I don't have an option to set the date and time to the correct settings.
2. the control panel now beeps every time we open the front door.

Is there a way to silence that beep and fix the date and time without an engineer or master user code? The only menu I can enter is the user menu.
Chime ….press c on panel to toggle the small c on the display
D then your code to enter manager mode to change time and date
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thanks got the chime off now.

for the date and time - the only code I have doesn't give a change date and time option in the menu. I can only change user code, do walk test, test siren and review logs
Hi - just coming back to this after trying a few things. Does anyone know if there's a limit to how many incorrect codes you can enter? I'm considering working through every 4 digit permutation until I eventually find the engineer code but don't want to set off the alarm if it triggers it after a certain number of incorrect tries.

I realise it could take days to get through every option but is it technically possible to just keep entering combinations until it responds to the right one? I figured once I enter the right engineer code it should prompt me on the display to at least set the alarm if not enter engineer menu.
How long do you expect it’s going to take to enter up to 10,000 codes?
I'm thinking 10 secs per try so I can get through about 60 tries in a 10 minute session and about 3 sessions a day so probably around 2 months to get through all 10,000 permutations. Not fun but also doable if it doesn't set off the alarm after too many wrong tries
I’ll be honest I’ve never been asked this before. AFAIK it won’t set the alarm off nor will it stun the panel temporarily but I’ve never tried to almost brute force a panel before
And yes it will lock you out for a few minutes after too many incorrect attemts (i dont know how many)
P.s if you have access to the internet you can easily find out how to back door the panel which seems like an easier option then spending months trying to guess the code
Thanks. I have managed to back door in but once i do that i still don't have the option to change the engineer code for some reason. The only option when i enter the change code menu is to allow 5 digit codes or not.
Press yes on that then u will hwt the option to change engineer/master/duress codes

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