Rat problem, dog poop

I feel for you and their dog. Poor dog wandering round in its own ****, they don't deserve it.

Get them evicted.
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Neighbour has just got better.
Better at cleaning up their poo since I had a word a couple of weeks ago, but worse in where they put it. Flung a turd into our garden over the 6ft fence yesterday. It hit our back door on the inside (door was open) and landed by the doorstep.

They are scum. Not something I like to call anyone but think it's apt right now.
Nothing like the smell of dead rat :eek:

I had a real rat problem at work. A rat died in the walls of the office and one in the sprayshop.

The smell appeared and then clouds of blue bottle flies.

We got charcoal to absorb the smell.

Rats and mice wont chew through coarse wirewool so used that to stuff in the holes.
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I poisoned a rat a few years back. The bugger then had the cheek to die under my floor. First thing I knew about it was a few days after - a slight smell. Got worse and worse until a week after when we were close to moving out. Lifted some floor boards in the downstairs cupboard (the only part that was not engineered wood floor) and went pot holing in 40cm of floor space. Found the massive beast after a hideous claustrophobic hour under the ground. You’ve got to get them out, they’ll rot for months.

With regards to your neighbour, you’ve asked reasonably a few times. They are treating you like a prick. Time to step it up on all fronts. Firstly as mentioned, the proper way.... council, EH etc etc, but secondly the better way. Dog sh1t through their letter box. Always the best solution.
Dog sh1t through their letter box. Always the best solution.
Ha ha, we were dreaming up all manners of revenge today, kept us amused for a moment or two. But we will take the higher moral ground, at least for now :)

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