Rayburn Reset Problem (Oil fired)

24 Oct 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have a Rayburn 480K that has a problem with the cooker reset button (not the thermostat, I mean the orange light at the bottom). The other day I found both the Orange reset lights (cooker and heating) were on and thought I had run out of oil.

On checking I found the oil low but still above the refill level. I then reset the 2 resets but about 20 mins later the cooker one came back on - at this point it couldn't be reset, just kept coming on after about 20 seconds. It might be worth noting that the cooker heated during the 20 mins up to approx 75% temperature.

The next day, tried it again and it stayed on just for 20 mins and again after that time couldn't be reset. Next day ran for 20 mins etc etc you get the picture. A plumber friend replaced the actual reset button but it still is behaving the same way. Anyone any idea what might the problem?

Many thanks,

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Biffo, which burner system do you have? Is it the Nu Way one?
These 'cookers' are notorious for sooting up due to the horizontal flue paths....cleaning them twice a year is the norm, I find.
John :)
Hi John,

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes i think my plumber mentioned something about "Nu Way". I will follow up on your suggestion.

I note your use of "Notorious"! Couldn't have picked a better word to describe this heap of scrap, inherited from the previous owner of my house 7 years ago and despite regular servicing it fails us every year!

Any other suggestion anyone?


If you can post up a pic of the burner front, it could make identification easier.
The Nu Way model has two burners, two controllers (hence 2 lock out lamps) but only one BFP pump.
It could have a soft start system on the heating side, where the heating burner comes on at low pressure, then after 20 sec switches on to high pressure....does this sound familiar?
Soot builds up on the baffles above the heating burner, and in the area just below the vertical flue (where its most awkward to get to).
John :)
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Hi John,
You are absolutely right, got my camera out to photograph it then noticed, as clear as day, the words Nu Way written very clearly in red on it!

As for the sounds from the heating, yes the sound of the burner changes tone after approx 20 sec.

Thanks agin for your input.

Just noticed that I don't think I made it very clear from my first post that the heating system is working as normal, only the cooker reset button is tripping.


Hello again, Grant.
I suppose we have small mercies here, if its only the cooker side burner thats tripping.....!
It depends on how far you wish to get involved here, but if its the unit I think it is, its worth pulling the burner unit out from its housing, and checking the cooker burner for fouling. It has its own nozzle and electrode set, naturally, and the whole assembly is controlled by a photocell (accessible from the outside - and it should be clean).
Excess soot around the nozzle etc indicates either low pump pressure or air flow through the unit, often enough, and its a good idea to have a flue gas analysis done just to give you a clue.
if there is any visible smoke at the flue, then the settings are way off.
If I remember correctly, the heating burner gets its air from the fan driven by the pump motor, but the cooker side one has its own electric fan.
John :)
Burnerman is right the Nu-way/Rayburn burner is the biggest heap of crud ever made, some parts are now getting hard to source later rayburns have an italian burner by Ecoflam which seems to be a much better unit except that they burn out cooker blast tubes!! oh well you can;t have everything! :rolleyes:
Thanks John and Burberman 2. I am not confident to tackle this job so I am going to get a Rayburn "fixer" in. Will let you what the fault was (if we ever find out!).



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