Rayburn Royal OF7 - Fumes in hot oven since oil tank work

No, not the best picture!

It shows the flame on number 4 of the BM unit. Will screwing down the nuts increase the pressure of the oil coming out ?? Is that what determines the oil depth or is it something else? Would you normally expect this sort of smell in the oven if the oil level is too low? I'm still unclear how this smell has suddenly started given the only change has been with the tank
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If that flame is no 4 on the BM valve, then it suggests the oil depth is too low. As you have had the burner out to de-carbonise, then the oil tank work is not the only thing you have done. Each time the burner is removed, when replaced it should be checked for level and oil depth.
If it is put back in a different place, this can affect the depth, 2mm out of 6mm is significant. Also, there may be a problem with oil depth in the BM. If something has made the float cut off in a different position, then burner depth is also affected. If you have insufficient oil in the burner, it does not burn hot enough and gives you the smell which enters the oven via the vent.
Put the unit out, let it cool down, remove the wicks and shells, let the oil run into the burner and after 15 mins, check the depth of oil in the base. They are simple burners and doing the simple things may be boring and time consuming but it is necessary.
OK oilhead, thanks for that I'll give it a try. As for the oil depth in one of your earlier replies you mention the 'oil level stays clearly shown on the enamel, and the level should be halfway up the hole'. I'm not sure which hole you are referring to??? Boilerman mentioned dropping an 8mm nut into the well, which for the one I've just measured is 4mm thick, is this the depth I'm looking for? I've been looking at the BM30 exploaded diagram and as far as i can tell the metering stem adjusts the flow but its not clear from diagram how it's adjusted, do you know? Thanks for your help.
Assuming the oil level in the BM30 is correct, the burner oil depth is adjusted by raising or lowering the complete BM30 on the mounting studs underneath - a word of warning however, if after measuring the oil depth in the burner centre well and have found it too high, it will be neccesary to drain this oil out, before lowering the BM30 and trying again, simply lowering the BM30 without draining will not give an accurate measurment

You mention you have had new oil? it is unlikely, BUT NOT impossible that the new oil is causing your problem - however an oil compnay would need to see the evidence such as an oil Engineer's report before they would take any action to replace, with all due respect although you have been cleaning this Rayburn out for several years, it does not sound like you have enough knowledge of Combustion principles to Service this cooker properly :unsure:
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Thanks boilerman. I accept your point about servicing the rayburn and maybe this experience has shown me the need for a professional service every once in a while. I'm just perplexed as to why this problem has arisen, I've 'diy' serviced the burner annually and its worked a treat for many years, but since I put the extra supports under the tanks and had it refilled with oil the smell problem started.
lodgey47";p="2498701 said:
OK oilhead, thanks for that I'll give it a try. As for the oil depth in one of your earlier replies you mention the 'oil level stays clearly shown on the enamel, and the level should be halfway up the hole'.

This is using the end of a hacksaw blade, quite common with Aga & Rayburn service tech's. Dip the end of the blade into the burner and you can easily see the depth of oil.
Whilst you say it has only happenned since you lifted the tank, at the same time, you have had new oil, and also de- carbonised the burner. Granted the oil tank lifting is the only new thing you've done, but the other actions can also affect the operation of the cooker.
OK, been checking a few things on the Rayburn and found that the oil depth in the burner is approx 8-9mm which i'm assuming is too high?? This figure is with the BM30 at its lowest (it was about 10mm to start with). Do I need to lower the mounting bracket a few mm to get the oil depth down???

I've checked the filters, the one in the OCV had a bit of crud in but the tank one was fine (it was new a couple of weeks ago. The float valve mechanism in the BM30 seems to be working fine,I disconnected the oil pipe at both ends and blasted the contents of the pipe with an airline. The oil flow out of the tank and pipe at the Rayburn end is excellent so is it looking likely that the high oil depth is the problem????
Too deep oil level in the burner will give a floppy yellow flame and therefore make a smell. Apart from moving the float control, you can also adjust the legs on the burner to achieve the different level more easily than moving the float control mount. Have you checked that the oil level in the BM is at the marks inside the reservoir? If the float is not cutting off at the right point, this also affects the level in the burner. You may be getting to the stage where you need to employ a competent person.

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