Re-doing a water-damaged ceiling with ripple textured paint

20 Aug 2009
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United Kingdom
I need to repaint with textured paint a water-damaged ceiling for a relative.

It's a 1920s house, lath and plaster ceiling, never been re-skimmed.

I imagine at one time it may have been distempered. It had been painted with that 'ripple' textured paint - not quite artex - sort of emulsion and sawdust. It successfully stuck to the ceiling, until a recent large leak.

The textured finish has come away, have removed most of it, and will remove the rest when the ceiling has thoroughly dried out. It seems to scrape off very easily.

The leak has open up some old cracks, and the ceiling is quite stained.

As a re-skim is NOT an option, I would like to double check with you all exactly how I should re-do the textured finished.

I am particularly concerned with the possibility of sealing the old ceiling, and using a stain block (or oil-based undercoat). The cracks need filling too.

Should I seal the old ceiling first? I was wondering if a paintable stabiliser would do the trick. I have used some on some dusty outside brickwork before it was paintable.

My plan was;
Let ceiling dry out.

Remove old texturing, scrape and dust clean.

Apply stabiliser.

Fill cracks.

Spot prime filler with thinned emulsion.

Oil-based undercoat or stain block on stain.

Apply the textured paint.

Would appreciate any suggestions, as want to get this right first time.

Thanks in advance.
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How about Plaster boarding the ceiling, over the original ceiling, lining paper the ceiling and emulsion.
No, plasterboarding or re-skimming is not an option. This is a quick patch up to get it back as it was.

I mentioned a stabiliser earlier, would a thinned matt emulsion do just as well?
Doubt it, you stated the ceiling had been distempered, you would have to apply stabiliser over the old distemper or wash it off before applying any other surface.
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I'm guessing it had been distempered, only as I know one of the other rooms had been done in this.

Will need to inspect closely at the ceiling,

Thanks for comments so far.
All distemper washed off and dried out.

A lot of old bare plaster now exposed.

Should I use a thinned emulsion, then stain block, then the textured emulsion?

Or would Zinseer BIN do the job before the textured paint?

Zinseer BIN 123 Bullseye looks like it may be ok. Not used it before, supposedly ok for 'light' water stains.

Any advice?

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