Remeha Avanta water leak

8 Oct 2013
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United Kingdom
I have an Avanta 28C with a small leak that I've identified to the DHW flowswitch - according to the manual it's where part 5033 screws into part 5003.

I'm a mere householder, can I simply unscrew it and put it back so it doesn't leak?

If that doesn't work I think I can buy one of these replacements

Does that all sound reasonable, or do I need a boiler engineer?

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The question arises as to why it is leaking.

That can be caused by dirt in the system which would not be covered by warranty and could invoke a charge of about £300 for the visit.

An independent would be far cheaper.

Great thought, I'll check out about the warranty, I don't want to void that by doing a repair myself.

Maybe I'm showing ignorance, but how does dirt cause one bit of brass screwed into another bit of brass to start leaking? And, come to that, what sort of dirt gets into the DHW part of a combi boiler straight off the main incoming cold water supply?
It is difficult for me to guess why your part is leaking. It would be very unusual. But some areas of Berks like Bracknell and Reading are very hard water. It is a rubber "O" ring doing the actual sealing and that can be attacked by some chemicals. Rare in mains water though.

You could check the tightness of the fitting. It probably only needs a new "O" ring seal or even just cleaning and greasing.

Mains water can contain a lot of dirt.

One customer had a lot of sand after water mains renewal work outside.

He ended up having to pay for a new communicating pipe from his flat to the street at £2000 which he paid for.

I took out about 1/2 kilo of sand during my 60 min visit.

Oddly it only affected his flat out of the block of six.

The company doing the work refused to have anything to do with it. But I don't think he was very argumentative.

Gosh, that's a great story :)

I'm in S London and I don't think there's been any major work on the mains locally.

I hope it is a perished O Ring, but I'm not going to do anything till I hear back about the warranty.
A remeha 24c I fitted about 4 years ago is still on parts warranty but no longer labour. There was a problem with it and heat team just sent me the part to fit for the custommer.

yup, they've just confirmed they'll send me the part under warranty or charge £200 to come and fit it. So I'll have a got and report back.
Don't forget to turn the incoming cold water mains off at the stopcock.
Removal of the front panel on these boilers should not be carried out by non gas qualified persons. This is part of the room sealed combustion chamber.
Well I've been bad on many occasions then, while fitting an outside temperature sensor and messing around with the diagnostics port. TBH I can't find anything in the manual, or on the panel itself, that says the front panel shouldn't be removed for safety reasons, although there is a standard warning that only qualified personnel should work on it at all.

In any case the front cover is currently off so I can catch the drips coming out of it and keep water separate from the electrical connections.

The bits have arrived from Baxi with a warning that "this part must be fitted by a Gas Safe engineer, if not, this will invalidate your warranty" which doesn't imply I'm not allowed to work on it at all. There's another warning about Gas Safe engineer required if fitting or disturbing any gas carrying part, but this is water only.

I certainly don't want to do anything remotely dangerous, nor to break sensible regulations, nor to mess the boiler up.

What I've been sent is an odd collection of bits I don't need plus 2 O rings and a new Hall effect sensor. My intention is to unscrew part 5033, clean it all, replace an O ring if there is one (not shown on the exploded diagram) smear a tiny bit of silicone grease, screw it back up and hope for the best. If that fails I'll have to get someone in.

I was going to do it today but I'll hold off for a bit in case anyone wants to say it's a really bad idea.

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