Repairing plaster in/on a lath/stud wall

We are all looking forward to coming down to Ayr Alastair. We're going to Sundrum Castle,, to a caravan park. My son and his family have been before, but we haven't. We're leaving Saturday dinner time.... I'll look out for your van. :LOL: ;)

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the kids will love it!........the big ones as well :LOL:

hope the weathers kind to you all. :D
great work with the pics RC! you're a credit to this site mate.

m cousin has recently moved up to Maybole if that means anything to you? i know it's in ayrshire somewhere, south ao Ayr i think, he works at a castle nearby as a tour guide part time, not sure which castle as you guys have more than your fair share up there ;)

anyways, he loves it up there so i'm sure you'll enjoy it!

he's always banging on the 'electric brays' too, likes riding it in his goldwing.

must get up that way myself at some point.

anyway, good work RC!
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Sound like you pick the right place to go, I hope you and all have a good time,
roughcaster you gotta go here
when you come down, i have been about 6 times over the years and still find it a brilliant day out for all the family. :D

its quite close to sundrum.
Thanks for that info Alastair it looks good, i'll mention that to the troops, and thanks to Marshman as well. ;)

I like the pics R/C - an excellent guide.
That looks a well worked trowel!!! ;)

Marshman makes a good point - would be an excellent example for a plastering sticky.

Enjoy the holiday R/C.
It's a lot easier explaining with the pics Newbee,, imagine putting that lot into words,,,, remember trying to explain the reveal gauge?? :rolleyes:
Now that trowel is a good trowel, but it's not stainless. Every now and again i clean it up with a piece of brick It's my "roughing in trowel". The main trowel i use is the 13inch s/s Tyzack that's hooked onto the side of the bucket in the second to last pic. I've also got an 11inch s/s Ragni.

Thanks, Roughcaster. This is really helpful! I hope it wasn't too much trouble to keep stopping to use the camera.

Do I need to use a different type of plaster over the top? I've read about something called 'skim' - is that necessary? Did you use it?
I enjoyed taking the pics U/132, it was not a problem at all. The plaster you use to fill out the patch is Bonding Coat plaster (undercoat plaster).The plaster you would use to finish that off is Multi Finish, (skim coat), and it is necessary to get the proper finish to the wall/patch.

So materials required:
Bag of Bonding Coat plaster.
Bag of Multi Finish.
About £15.00 or less for everything, unless you know a plasterer friend, otherwise you'll have some left over, the bonding will be the biggest amount to mix, (in a clean bucket).

Yes,, do use multi finish as well to finish my work. That old dining room i was working in, ceiling/walls will be finished completely tomorrow,,,, and the customer (a regular) knows her room is on DIYnot. ;) .

Okay, super. And what's the difference between a trowel and a float? They both look pretty similar...
ah ha! that old chestnut!

the person is generally the difference, some people call trowels floats, me personally, the trowel is the rectangular piece of steel i use to put plaster on the wall, the float would be either wood, polyurethane or even sponge and is used for finishing the surface not laying on.

just to confuse matters, there is a float coat when plastering which is normally the middle coat of 3 coat work, starts with a scratch coat, then a float coat of the same plaster/render as the scratch but made nice and flat/smooth, finally the 'set' coat using multi finish, but you don't use a float to apply a float coat, well i wouldn't ;)

hope this helps?
A steel trowel is what you would use to put the plaster on with, a float is made of wood or plastic, and is used to smooth or scratch the surface of the undercoat plaster.


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