replacement security light

18 Feb 2011
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United Kingdom
I can wire a plug but not much more....I want to replace a broken security light and thought I could just replicate the wiring from old to new - but no!

The new light's an Eterna 400w halogen floodlight. The electric block has 2 wires from the lamp inserted on one side ane L E N on the other.
Whilst I know it's live , earth and neutral, the wires coming from the switch and light, are red and black plus earth ie 6 wires. Which goes where?
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The other conductors will be for the sensing circuit (so the sensor works when the light is off). I couldn't offer you any advice without a picture or knowing where both cables (red, black and earth) go to.

I take it you noted down where they were connected before you removed the old one?
Thanks Sgt Trojan,

I forgot to say that it's not a sensor light - just a pure floodlight.

Yes, I took down a note of the previous wiring which had a block of 6,
2 cloth covered wires from the lamp, into holes 1 and 2, opposite which were a black wire into each. The 2 red wires were both into the 3rd terminal with nothing opposite it. The 2 earth wires were connected into a seperate block.

My problem is that the new lamp says L E N into 3, 2 and 1
The black wire from the switch cable should be the switched live, and should connect to the live terminal.
The switched live should be marked with a red sleeve, but it is not unusual for it to have been omitted. Some use red tape to mark it, which eventually dries out and falls off.

The other black connects to the Neutral terminal.

Connect the two red wires together in a seperate piece of choc bloc (possibly a piece salvaged from the old fitting?) They connect to each other only, and not to anything in the light fitting.

And - most important - the earths to the earth terminal.

If you cannot identify which is the switch cable, temporarily connect one cable only, red to live and black to neutral. Make the other cable end safe in pieces of choc bloc, and turn the power on.
If the lamp lights, that cable is the loop in. if it doesnt, it is the switch cable. Disconnect the power again, and re-arrange the wiring as above.
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