Replacing room thermostat - Wiring?

8 Jul 2008
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United Kingdom
I have a Drayton +2 programmable rooom thermostat. It is placed in the warmest room in the house near a cooker and tumble dryer which results in hard to managed consistant temperature elsewhere in the house.

The solution in my mind is a wireless room thermostat.

I do not want anythign expensive or fancy. So I have decided on a Salus RT300 RF or maybe RT500 RF.

My question:

Is it just a simple case of wiring in the receiver where the current Drayton +2 goes? Is it that simple?

Many thanks...
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Hi Dishman

Have a look at the Drayton Mitime programmers with wireless room stat - which solved my problem, I picked the T720R on ebay for £45.00.

I had a similar issue with a radiator in our hallwall that had to be left off, as the room stat was in the hallway, causing the lounge & the rest of the house not to get hot, if the hallway radiator was on.

If you have a standard Drayton programmer like the Drayton LP112 the connection should be the same, remove the screws from the old one & place the new one on on the same connection plate as the old one , just have a look on the back of the programmer that the connection are the same which they should be.

The Digistat+2 you have now is a 2-wire thermostat powered by batteries. A wireless receiver needs a permanent Live supply and a Neutral (and an Earth to be fully compliant although it would work without) as well as the switch wires. So it's not a straight replacement, no.

Also Salus are widely regarded as cheap for a reason. You'll be replacing it again as soon as the warranty runs out and it's stopped working ;) .
There are two versions of the Drayton +2 thermostat.

Model 22083/4 is battery powered
Model 22087/8 is mains powered

If you have the mains powered version then you will have the necessary neutral wire for a wireless thermostat receiver. If you have the battery powered version, then as St0rmer66 suggests you may not have the necessary neutral connection. I say "may not" because some Drayton +2's have been used to replace older mechanical thermostats that did have a neutral. If so, often the neutral is left in place and just insulated and tucked away in a corner.

As a minimum you will need:

1. Live connection
2. Neutral connection
3. Switched live connection

I'm assuming here that your boiler uses 230v for switching and not 24v (your boiler manual will tell you)

So in answer to your question, it could be "that simple" if you have the right wires in place. If you can post a photo of the existing wiring connections inside the thermostat, then someone should be able to advise further.
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If the receiver is fitted in the intended location then all the required connections will be available.

There is no need nor point in having it in a living room or kitchen.

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