28 Jul 2012
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United Kingdom
I have a number of IP Cams outside my house and one them is a Foscam FI9853EP PoE cam.

The stock f:2.8 70° lenses is just not wide enough for the 90° inside wall corner where the cam is installed in, so today I went ahead and ordered a f:2.8 115° lens.

Hopefully it will fit, but even if it doesn't, at the cost of £3.35 + P&P it is not that much of a loss. Much better than the £45 a US eBay seller wanted for a compatible lens.

This is what I ordered:

Will post side by side comparison shots when the new lens comes, For now some pictures of the existing lens:

Regards: Elliott
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Big question the lens
A ... A megapixel lens
B ... Ir corrected
C ... The correct format

Best of luck
A: Not sure, but the FI9853EP is a 720P cam.

The cam has a 1/4" CMOS sensor according to the link below, and the lens I have bought is designed for a 1/3" sensor according to

B: Dont think so, hope not anyway as the IR cut filter is between the sensor and the removable lens.

C: Size wise, I think so. Focal length of both lenses is the same as mentioned. Otherwise, will just have to check when new lens arrives.
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Hey eveares,

could you please tell how good it worked!
I have the same cam and would also like to do that upgrade.

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could you please tell how good it worked!

Well I went for a 170° lens, but it had a focal distance of 1mm instead of 2mm. Thought no problem, can just screw it in further. Well I screwed it in to much and broke the IR cut lenses so had to replace the IR cut assembly as well.

Using the above linked 115° lens now what gives a field of view of 86.25° due to the Foscam having a 1/4" sensor. (The lens is designed for a 1/3" sensor what is 1.33 x larger.) So far all good, although can't say the increased field of view is that noticeable.

This is the night time view:

Regards: Elliott.
Hi Elliott! Thank you very much for your fast reply and the effort you spent. That helps a lot.
So maybe I try to get a more fisheye lese.
Hi Elliot. Thanks for your informative post as I also have a Foscam FI9853ep camera with a viewing angle that is just too narrow. I joined this form solely to ask: which lens should I purchase to (safely) increase my field of vision without running the risk of breaking the IR lenses? The link you provided is for the one that caused you headaches I would rather avoid.

Thanks in advance.

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