Riello RDB burner not firing

18 May 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have an external Grant Euroflame Oil boiler with Riello RDB burner. Recently it has started to lock out occasionally but then be okay for a while. Having not had it serviced for a number of years i decided to get it serviced. The combustion chamber was cleaner out, nozzle changed, pump pressure and emissions checked. Worked fine for a day or so and then locked out. Pressed reset button and took a few attempts but did fire up, but then within the hour it had locked out again. I reset again and same thing happened. Now it just won't even begin to fire up. I press the reset button and it buzzes for a while, then clicks and makes a louder buzzing and then resets again. Can anyone help? (We have plenty of oil) Advise very welcome as I'm so fed up with this boiler now. Thanks in advance!


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Check out the capacitor and replace. The service bod should have tested this
on the service.
Did you get anywhere with this? I had someone look at our similar boiler. He didn't want to service it as he said it's just as likely to fail after a service given its age.
The recommended service wouldn't increase reliability as it would only include a clean and a few standard parts like filter and nozzle.
He Suggested a replacement asap. Just by looking and not touching it. A week later ( Xmas week) it's starting locking itself out and I found myself looking here......
Now and again when I press the reset button it sounds like the air purge fan motor is stuck. Other times it just starts.
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It might be the capacitor, if it is, you will get a buzzing sound for maybe 10/12 seconds and then stops/locks out.
If you can see the fan, ensure boiler switched off and get a small screwdriver or the like, insert it in the fan impeller (vanes) and try and turn the fan back and forth, you should feel a fairly light resistance as the fan motor also drives the fuel pump, whether easy or not to turn, get a tin of WD40 and squirt a little around the fan casing and see if this helps. If you can't access the fan, just give a few squirts (sparingly) of WD40 into the air intake slots the next time it fires up.

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