SATA SDD disappearing or corrupting often

Yeah, I did all the updates before starting to use the computer. It seems to be running ok. The only thing with the WD NVMe drive is that it is only 256GB. We don't do a lot of gaming. Maybe FIFA and that would be it. I suppose we could install FIFA on the WD drive. IS it just a case of choosing the WD location? Or maybe I could point my downloads folder to the WD drive?
The ADATA is a SATA SDD, so they are both SDD drives anyway. Thanks for your help this far.
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Program installs usually ask you where to install. Video and graphics editors are often slow. Installing those there might make a difference. Alternatively, you can use the WD as an online back up, where you can just drag stuff there to make a quick duplicate copy. Because it's faster, it's more convenient to use. An additional thing you can use it for is to duplicate your OS there so that you can boot from either drive. When something goes wrong with one, you will still have full use of the computer. The duplicate only need to be refreshed whenever you feel like it.
It has been running fine for a few days just doing basic tasks. However, whenever I close the laptop, it seems to shut off. So I guess from now on in, I will need to shut it down properly when I'm finished with it instead of closing the screen down as this seems to shut it off in the incorrect manner.
Today, however, when I was watching a youtube video, and trying to download some files, it froze and eventually I got a BSOD with an error code 'Critical Process Died'. I restarted and tried again and then got another BSOD this time with an error code about Memory. A restart seems to solve the issue, and while when it downloads things, they do actually work and are not corrupted, it does seem like this drive isn't exactly working correctly. I have not replaced the WD NVMe drive yet, and just as well I guess. I will give this another few days and see how it gets on but it does seem as if there might be a problem with this ADATA drive.
Lid close could be entering sleep. The SSD should be able to handle that. When opening the lid, it should instantly give you the login screen.

If you set up the WD in the same way and it works, then the problem is likely the ADATA. But, memory problems would point to non-stable computer. Again, you can confirm it by using the WD as the lone drive in the system.
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I scheduled a CHKDSK C:/F/R on restart and did that last night. \It has been running for 14 hours now and its 54% in. It has been saying 'fixing' for that entire time as far as I can see. Anyway, we can see how it goes and I can also check the WD and see how that goes too. Would a memory issue be RAM?
Also a lid close seems to be shutting it down. Or at least it shows the lenovo screen for a few seconds before the password screen arrives
It has been running for 14 hours now and its 54% in.
That will never finish.

All of what has been described is symptoms of hardware failure. Unfortunately that may be the drive itself, some other part on the motherboard or both. There may be more than one failure.
You may be correct, but I think I'll give it until tonight to see if it can finish. I don't mind too much if it is the drive itself as that isn't too much trouble to fix, or if there is RAM acting up, as that is easy too, but if it is something else on the motherboard itself, then I won't be able to fix it.
Uncontrolled power off will be indicated in the windows event logs. Closing lid shouldn't produce an uncontrolled power off. If that happens, you may need to replace your laptop.
Just to confirm that it is in stage 5 of CHKDSK, and so I think that means I can hard shut it down if I get tired of waiting and it won't do any (further) damage, right. But at this stage, it is now 64% through and it says 9 hours remaining. I can live without it until tomorrow I guess, so is it worth leaving to see if in fact it does finish.
Isn't it quicker to reinstall windows? The chkdsk might be creating so many queued up operations that the SSD could be disappeared for a long time.
So you think I should Delete the partition, format and reinstall, and that would give me the same results as a CHKDSK? It's just that I did that a few days ago, and it seemed to be working fine, until I gave it multi tasks,
I don't think running chkdsk for such a long duration is useful. You need to rule out your laptop being a problem. So, run with just the WD and see if that is better.
Just to confirm that CHKDSK did indeed finish and it all looks fine at the moment. I don't believe for one minute that this is the end of the problems, but I will give it a few days before a add the WD NVMe drive too and then see how we get on. Any more problems in the meantime, and I'll try a fresh install once more.
Any way of knowing what piece of hardward might be causing the issue outside of trial and error, which could end up being quite expensive?
I ran CrystalDiskInfo again today and here is a PNG image of what came back. It does look like the Hard Drive is not right. Health and temperature are good but lots of errors listed below and the PC still crashing when asked to work a bit harder than normal, but still not very hard at all.
Assuming this issue is the disk drive and maybe someone here can confirm that when they see this image, is there any hope left for this drive? Even as an external drive? Or is it toast?
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