scantronic 9752 connect to smarthome help needed

13 Jan 2019
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Hello,can somebody help me? i have a 9752 scantronic alarm with 2 keypads.
i want to have ability to arm, disarm, and arm it again (after alarm) home alarm remotely, with my phone. (without intering user pin on keypads)

Maybe somebody knows how that alarm works, because manual is not clear enought with this issue.

1. if i will connect keyswitch(just normal key,(not a 9928 keyswitch interface)) as a zone, will i be able to arm,disarm and reset panel after alarm (to arm it again) remotely?
2. if i will use 9928 keyswitch interface connected to panel?
3. if i will use remote keyfob with rfx08?

manual says:

"Wiring Keyswitches

To allow a user to set and unset the system using a keyswitch, connect a fixed position or spring loaded (momentary) key switch to a zone input. When programming the control unit select zone type (KM) for momentary or (KF) for fixed position keyswitches. See Command 185 for keyswitch auto-reset."

but in a zone description:
"The keyswitch or similar device can be used to set and unset the level or partition to which the zone is assigned. It cannot be used to reset the system."

"185: Keyswitch Auto Reset
This command instructs the control unit to reset automatically if the user uses the keyswitch to set the system on leaving.
0 1
Off (default). User must reset manually.
On. System resets automatically when the user sets it with a keyswitch (KM or KF).
Compliance with PD 6662 / prEN 50131-1: 2004 (see page 85) requires that Command 185 is set to option 0."

user guide does not have any option to reset panel after alarm except of entering access code
thank you
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The manual is clear that the key switch is for arming and disarm not for resetting activations or faults.

The point of that is to get the user to be aware of the faults/ activations rather than just ignoring them.
Even with the auto reset enabled setting may be an issue if a fault exists on he system.
thank you for answer,
i will not ignore them, i have hi-res cameras that will send me screenshots after alarm so i can see what is wrong.

do you know, is there a difference between Keyswitch connected as a zone and "9928 keyswitch interface" connected to
keypad bus? ( do they both can reset panel with "185: Keyswitch Auto Reset"=On?)
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not familiar enough to pass a reliable comment to be honest.

a zone key switch is wired into a zone.
a bus interface, sounds like it wires into the bus on the panel and the key switch wires into the interface.

It probably reports back slightly differently as a result but should do the same function.

The bus interface keyswitch is effectively an expander for keyswitch facility only as far as I can see. I would use a zone if you have one free.

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