Securing a face fixed sliding door?

27 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
What sort of lock (if any!) would secure a faced fixed external sliding door?

I imagine it would be something fixed to the jambs like a bolt but which hooks into the door frame stiles?

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You'd be looking at a 5 lever clawbolt lock, I think.....but I'd be wanting more security than that on an external door.
London SDS do them for a look see.
John :)
Thanks John,

Lots of options to look at on SDS. I can't quite visualise where that claw bolt would go on a single sliding door which sits on the face of the frame though.

In the jamb width ways and locking into the inside face of the door stile?

The edge of the sliding door, where the lock is, needs to close onto a stile of the door frame - this is where the lock keep is morticed into. From what you are saying, I guess you'd need to form a rebate from timber, that the door would close onto.
As the door closes, turning the key allows the bolt of the lock to enter the keep, and then the claws open outwards, engaging with the keep.
A clever mechanism, without a doubt - but whether it would be secure enough I can't say.
John :)
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Thanks again John. The door as it stands doesn't close up against anything. it slides on the face of the frame and is stopped in its closed position by the top track. Not an easy situation to secure but I'm sure it must be possible.

Even just some sort of hooks from the inside face of the frame jamb onto the inside face of the door.

A bit like this..
Thanks Alarm. Does that lock into the back face of the door or the side? If it's the side then (unless I'm missing something) it won't work on a front fixed sliding door.
Sits on the frame, locks into the back face of the door.
Why they were made.

Ingersol say to fit 3 one at top and bottom and one at the fixed frame back edge for maximum security. Keys are "cut" not bog standard off the shelf types.

Been using them for years, good locks.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Sorry if I'm being daft but I'm trying to stop a face fixed sliding door (with no frame at all around it) from being pulled outwards. I think this patio lock would just stop movement left and right?
Ahh me being daft then!

I assumed it was a sliding door.

Your design is poor in that case.
I assume from the photo it is top hung only?
You really need a bottom rail also to give more security and of course a better guide.
Routed into the bottom of the door.
The clutch lock mentioned would assist but you need something for the back edge too, or a 5 year old could break in.

Who designed it? What did they say about locking?

Right not my hissy fit has passed the same lock PDL1, fitted to the bottom of the door and locking into the threshold would do it. Also two at the top (4 in total, they can be keyed alike). That would stop left to right and lateral (Pulling) at the same time.
I would use the longest screws possible to secure the locks also. Not the ones supplied in this instance.
Thanks again.

I can't fit anything to the door face as it is sliding and would hit as it slid fully out the way of opening.

I think as you say the design is useless when it comes to security, so I might revert to my original plan of putting french doors in.

It's my own design :) French doors are in the plan but I was looking at if sliding was possible.

The area it rolls over is just decking.

Even if that was secure enoguh, it would only protect the bottom. The top would still just be the track and rollers.

I'm rapidly thinking the whole sliding door thing is not secure unless it is fit within a frame not face fixed.

I'm rapidly thinking the whole sliding door thing is not secure unless it is fit within a frame not face fixed.

Have to agree, the door does look nice though. Would a frame around it look so bad?

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