Selling old woodworking tools.

14 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom
I have a number of old woodworking tools that I need to sell but am not sure of the best way of going about it. The tools were owned by my late grandfather and date from the late Victorian or early 1900s period. I want to get some cash for them but also want them to go to a 'good home'. Are there any specialist auctions for old tools or do I need to find a dealer? If anyone has any experience in selling tools of that age I would be grateful for some advice on the best way to proceed. Thanks.
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Don't forget to include Safe System of Work for each too; wouldn't want to get into trouble if the buyer injured themselves ;)
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Post up some photos Bishop you might get some interest on here.

Ebay probably best bet otherwise.
Or you can do buyer collects. If they want the items, then they'll pay the costs.
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