Selling on ebay / or not

Sorted now, had to turn off browser add-ons and because of some of the enthusatic suggestions I'm going to list the stuff I was going to give away just to see if it sells, wish me luck.
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Just a bit of advice regarding postage by someone who has had issues before.
Try to use a tracked service from someone like hermes for more expensive items, it costs a bit more but if you get issues with the buyer claiming they have not received the item then you are covered and wont lose your item or money.
Don't let people pick stuff up, especially if it's valuable. It's perfectly possible to pick something up, then go home and file a non receipt claim.. As seller you have no third party proof the item was delivered, you lose the item and the cash. You could record them collecting it and broadcast it on the 9 o'clock news, PayPal wouldn't care, they'd still side with the buyer
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