Shared grassy area between maisonette front doors.

17 May 2022
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United Kingdom
Hello all, Please go easy on me as I'm a first time poster on here, long time reader though :cool:

Let me know if I've posted this in the wrong area on here, I'm in a bit of a panic and desperate for help on this subject...

I puchased my maisonette about 4 years ago, and I've never been one to speak to any neighbours, me and my family keep ourselves to ourselves.

I'm in an upstairs maisonette, and my front door directly faces a neighbour's front door who has a ground floor maisonette (they do not live directly below me, someone else lives directly below me). It's been the same neighbour in my whole time here. I own my home with a mortgage, they are a housing association tenant (I know this as I did get stuck in a convesation with them about it once).

They have a big back garden, I have no garden. They regularly have a gardening company do stuff to their back garden (they are not the housing association's own gardeners).

There are single rows of paving slabs from the main path to each of our front doors in a straight line, and in between those paving slabs is a patch of grass. The distance from my front door to theirs is about 3-4 metres.

I came home from work a few days ago to find they have got these gardeners to rip up the grass and turn it into a muddy flower bed with hardly any plants in it. Imagine a nice uniform patch of grass becoming a churned up mud bath with a proper rotavator.

This has restricted my walk way width to my front door as I regularly come and go on mountain bikes, and also pushchairs come and go. So I can't go on the grass any more.

The person also looks to have a bad case of OCD, as no matter what time of the day or what weather, over the past few years whenever I look out my back windows they are in their garden checking every individual leaf on plants and every stone in the mud. I am not exagerating, I've had friends and family over who find their behaviour fascinating and also some people feel sorry for them.

I find it hard to feel sorry for them as I have witnessed them out the front before calling people the C word to their faces for parking in their space. So I know they can be agressive, and I'm not a confrontational person.

With this OCD they are now standing on the paving slabs outside my front door to check everything over and over in this new mud patch. I don't want people hanging around my front door! And I don't want to have to ask them permissions to get in and out of my own home. eg "please can I get past?".

I'm also finding my paving slabs with puddles of water on them where they are watering the mud, so I'm dragging wet and mud into my home aswell.

I was not asked permission to rip up the grass, I wasn't aware at all, the mud just appeared one day.
I find this really rude.
Both the neighbour and the gardeners did not consider me it seems.

My deeds show an outline directly around the building for me, so I already know I definitely don't own any of the shared bit of land outside our front doors. And I'm pretty certain they don't own it either. In fact does a housing association tenant own any land to make extreme changes to? I'm not sure how housing associations work on that front.

I'm pretty sure the land belongs to the housing association and we both have Right of Way across it to our front doors.

So as already mentioned, I'm not a confrontational person, especially as I suffer from mental health issues myself. In fact I've been quite panicky about this whole situation.

The most frustrating part is that I've been planning on selling my home soon. Now when I have viewers come they are going to see a mud bath and a random person hanging around my front door. I also don't want to log an official complaint with the housing association as I would then have to declare it when I sell.

So please what would you lot do to deal with this situation?

Appreciate you taking the time to read this. Thanks.
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If you’re not willing to do anything, then nothing can be done.

Sell up, move on.
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Please post a picture of the area in question.

On your deeds, where are your property boundaries? Is this grassy area communal?
Please post a picture of the area in question.

On your deeds, where are your property boundaries? Is this grassy area communal?
As it's a maisonette, ie a block containing several properties, I assume you are a leaseholder, speak with you're freeholder.

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