Should Party leaders publish their tax returns?

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Would you publish yours on here ? I wouldn't expect you to as it none of my business, can't see why anyone else SHOULD, if they want to then that's up to them.

I'm not an elected official, or did that slip your mind?

Why have a register of MP's interests?

What's wrong with transparency from our elected officials?
I think that ALL politicians, especially including local Gov't, should have their finances forensically investigated by an independant body every year. Many of them are living well above their means.

I also think that ALL civil & public servants pay rates that they allow us to know should reflect the P60 & NOT the advertised pay rate. Many civil & public servants claim to earn very little but when the perks are piled on they on a good earner.

Relax, it'll never happen.
I think the expenses scandals that have been going on for years, have been a deliberate policy to keep MP pay rises minimal whilst increasing expenses as a way to keep increases in earnings under the radar.

Pay rises for MPs are always viewed dimly by the media and public, esp when public sector wages have stayed still.
I am a public servant, employed to do a particular job and being paid from Treasury coffers. If the government then suggested I declare my other incomes I would tell them to take a run and jump. And no..................I am not an MP.
The pay offs and sweeteners probably come later, when out of the public eye. All a bit late then, i suppose.
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