Conservative Party Support dying off

Legitimate concerns were dismissed until it turned into anger and we all know you don't think rationally when angry.
It was said at the time that another of the reasons people voted leave was because they had nothing left after the Conservatives wielded their axe. Voting for change gave them hope, even if was misplaced.

That doesn't mean you can't love this country for all its greatness and warts. It's history and impact but we need to accept our empire is gone and we need to forge a more collective way in the world.
Agree, we've a lot to offer as a country. It's going to take time to sort it all out as this situation is unprecedented. I am fed up with all this political crap that comes with it. I want the brightest of minds, no matter what political party (or party at all) to come together and do what is best to move the country forward, not what is best for votes.
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