Shower trays - which brands are the dogs danglies?

26 Nov 2017
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United Kingdom
Hello gents,

Shower trays seem to be one of those items that aren't discussed too often.

Without talking billionaires row or trays made from meteorites/diamonds, in a money no object scenario, what brand would you be looking at for a super premium shower tray that will last?

So far Ive seen the V&B Squaro and the Bette range. Different propositions of course. Is there anything else thats up there with those? They both come in around £1,000 or thereabouts.

Through careful shopping and of course DIY fitting, we can somewhat afford to splurge on the remaining items of sanitaryware, but theres no point of course, unless there are products worthy of it.

Specs are flush or surface fit with a 30mm or less depth. I want the tray to hold a little water, so not the Bette Floor, which is almost flat entirely. Waste needs to be either center top, or extreme to left or right hand, due to rainfall shower position.

I was seriously considering the V&B Architectura but theres no stock in the UK and its acrylic and I'm coming around to the idea that the optimal material is probably fake stone (thick plastic).

Any suggestions gratefully received. A bit stuck on this one and keep going around in circles but need to order soon as there is a pressure due to a non-DIY/out of my comfort zone element, which is taking place soon.

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You’ve been watching too many adverts, brands have nothing to do with quality .

I don't have TV anymore, or even web ads, but for the many years I did, I often found that the brands who need to advertise are those that can't generate enough business by word of mouth.

There are quality brands and there are poor quality brands, some are mixed, but generally not in my opinion although things become more obfuscated as time goes on. I was asking for recommendations of quality brands and associated quality models because I don't know enough about shower trays. I thought I'd formed the question well enough, perhaps not.
Sorry , not one of the gents but may have a suggestion .
We recently had a Cooke and Lewis Limski tray installed. Very slim and nowhere near the prices you are talking about.

I'm sorry, didn't mean to exclude any input.

I'll check out the model of tray, thanks.
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I have four Mira Flight stone resin trays in two houses......they've always been perfectly flat and easy to install. They also come with a quality drain outlet.
Not one has discoloured or deteriorated in any way.
I don't however use any leg kits, preferring to make a timber plinth if I need to to get some height.
John :)
Quality for shower trays is more down to their construction, the heavy solid trays will outlast those flimsy plastic trays.
Cheers everyone, ended up with a Duravit resin tray. Seems well made but fitting it is going to be a challenge.
I've used JT - "Just trays" a couple of times now and found them really good quality and value.

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