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20 Aug 2003
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United Kingdom
BG are installing my smart meters in a couple of weeks and I've been looking at the faq's but can't find anything about beng able to switch off the gas supply. I When I go away, I like to switch the water and gas off. Will I still be able to do this with smart meters? I know I can ask the engineers when they are fitted but just wanted to know if anyone has any knowledge of this. Thanks.
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Yes, the valve is a legal requirement.

Do let us know how much your bills go up by.
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Mine did by 400%.

Don't know how the 3rd new smart meter © is doing as it's only been in a few weeks.
:eek: :eek: was that from using your stannah stair lift more DIA
:eek: :eek: was that from using your stannah stair lift more DIA

The first 2 never worked apparently.

According to the minister we will save £20 year by 2020 :LOL:

Consumers will see direct benefits in terms of energy savings and smart meters should cut industry operating costs over time which should have a positive impact on bills. Taking into account all costs and benefits, as well as energy savings by consumers, we expect the average dual fuel household to realise an annual bill saving of around £24 by 2020, in comparison to a situation without a smart meter roll-out. However, individual consumers will be able to make choices, informed by the information from their smart meters, that could see much higher levels of savings.
You asked a number of questions relating to the costs of the roll-out of smart metering. This included: whether energy consumers will have to pay for this, whether they will have to pay more for their energy as a result of smart meters, and whether they will save energy or money.

The latest updated Impact Assessment, published in January 2013, estimates the costs of the roll-out at around £12.1 billion, with the total benefits of around £18.8 billion. This gives a positive benefit of £6.7 billion over the period to 2030.

In terms of whether energy consumers will have to pay, energy suppliers will be responsible for purchasing and installing meters. Given the competitive pressures in the retail energy market and the action the Government and Ofgem are taking to promote competition, we expect both costs and efficiency savings to be passed through to customers. We expect suppliers to minimise the costs and maximise the efficiency savings from the roll-out.

They sort of white washed where the savings are coming from, but I assumed, you'll be able to see how much it's costing and turn the heating off because you can't afford it anyway.

Alternatively, we could get a billion or so housewifes sitting in doors all day watching the smart meter and thinking " Oh my God, turn everything off we just used another kw" :LOL:

I'm willing to bet, that less than 1 in 100000 will actually know what they are looking at and half of them will know what it means. :LOL:


If they was to invest £12.1 billion in an isa it would give a positive benefit that makes £6.1 billion look like small change and they'd still have the capital. :rolleyes:
Yes you get two new meters and a fancy display in the house that tells
you how much you are using and that you can't afford it so switch it off.

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