Son needs help to decide what job/career he wants to do

The current argument against Grammar schools is that the eleven plus makes the ones who don't pass, a failure. The problem is that because Labour closed so many grammar schools, then everyone then had to fight harder to get into the ones that were left. If there were more of them, then more kids would get into them, and the ones that failed wouldn't be so bothered, especially if the new changes allow kids to retry at 12 and 13. Lots of kids don't want to go to a grammar school, and a lot aren't bright enough either, so why do the left insist on saying that grammar schools cause everyone who doesn't get in to feel a failure.

Parent wouldn't need to tutor their kids to get them in, and the left wing couldn't complain that the rich middle classes were pushing the working class kids into crap comprehensive schools. House prices wouldn't rise in catchments areas because there would be more good schools to choose from.

Of course, setting up more grammar schools is only part of solution to the problem, Ofsted needs to do snap inspections, not give notice so a glossy picture of the school can be prepared in advance (I know schools where the disruptive kids get taken out for the day) and teaching standards (no offence Burnerman) need to be raised. SATs need to be dropped, or at least taken as a guidance not a standard to be chased. And at the end of the day, the disruptive kids need to understand that their education affect the rest of not only their life, but also the other kids in the class that do want to learn; old fashioned discipline and respect needs to be reintroduced.
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My last two years were spent with the 'challenging' kids in year 11 - (I was part time by then) so I introduced two vocational was basic plumbing and the other was basic electrical.
The kids loved it, and anything I asked for was given. They worked in groups of three and really became surprisingly competent.
The theory was, if these nutters were with their Uncle John they weren't creating mayhem anywhere else. :D
Initially I was told the class size would be no more than 15 - ever. Within a year it was up to 32 :eek:
For classroom success - keep the numbers down.
John :)
There was a remedial class for each year in my junior school. I think 'remedials' went out of fashion somewhere along the line and the slow kids were integrated more into mainstream school. Back in the 70s the teachers used to throw a meat pie into the remedials class to keep them occupied.
I would agree about bosses of banks but don't think M.P.s salaries are that much (they may fiddle a lot, though).

Footballers', film stars' and musicians' etc. earnings must be looked at as commission - part of huge profits for the organisations.

Not fair but unavoidable.

That's how it is. Such workers cannot be paid huge sums because of how the system works.
Yeah, understood but still think it's wrong.
Footballer costs, I'd rather they not be paid an obscene amount of money and lower the prices of match day tickets and shirts for fans...
MP's basic salary starts at £75k, with of course, cost of living as a bonus.. must be towards a £100k for a lot of them. A lot of money for a (mainly) bunch of lying tossers who like to ruin the UK. ( :) )
In my opinion footballers are overpaid. Bosses of banks, MP's are overpaid. Film starts, musicians, they're all overpaid.
People who are underpaid, dustbin men, teachers, nurses/midwives/ambulance men/women, carers, police, firemen to name a few.

To me the people who deserve a decent pay rise are people who do grim jobs for the better of others, put their lives at risk, or help others. Without those people willing to do those jobs we'd be stuffed. Some silly footballer or actor who has no grasp on reality let alone be in a decent, meaningful career and being paid 100k a week or millions for a movie is just madness.
Emptying bins should be a spectator sport. Maybe while being chased by tigers.

Then they would earn a fortune, and we can all moan about how much they earn.
Back in the 70s the teachers used to throw a meat pie into the remedials class to keep them occupied

Meat Pie, why in my day we were lucky if we got even got a look at a picture of one. Kids today don't know how lucky they are.
It would have been a pie with no meat in my day, meat would have been on rationing still.......
Only joking (just)
Cardboard box?


You were lucky. We lived for three months in a brown paper bag in a septic tank..... etc etc!

Good ol' Monty Python :)
Friday school dinners always included leftover pie. What bits of dead animal and veg that weren't used mon-thur went into fridays leftover pie. It was better though than school beefburgers that came in tins the size of dustbins and swam in brown water that the dinner ladies called gravy. Mind you there weren't many fat kids at school. Compared to today when I see kids walking to school there's so many umpah-lumpahs waddling along. There was only one fat kid in my class whose surname was Large. He was large an' all. Every time we did cross country on a monday morning (second lesson on a monday was cross country how sadistic) he vommed his breakfast plus the assorted choccy bars and biscuits he'd consumed on the way to school all over the place. Listening to Largey vomming up was akin to listening to Mongolian Throat Singing.
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