Space saver spare wheel

24 Apr 2008
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United Kingdom
ADVICE PLEASE.............I have a citroen picasso with 17" wheel
I have a 17" Ford space saver wheel from a Ford Kuga but the stud holes are different.. Is it possible and could i use it in case of an emergency puncture if i re drilled holes in the wheel to fit my picasso.
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It's not just the stud pattern that is wrong, the centre bore is also wrong, and the offset is wrong.
citroen Picasso

You can buy an original wheel for your car from a scrapyard for a very modest price and should be a perfect fit.

Usually I'd say don't use a second-hand tyre, but spare wheels and tyres are very often new and unused. Look at the date code as even an unused tyre will perish with age (surprisingly, more quickly if it isn't used). Ten years is long enough.

The wheel-nuts fitted with alloy wheels are not the same shape as those fitted with steel wheels, so get one that suits whichever your car has.

My preference is for a full-sized matching spare, but in some cases, they won't fit in the space provided. This is more likely if you have big alloys.
Don't be a B***** fool... unless you have the tools to do the very accurate drilling and forming of the stud or bolt holes. I would expect your insurance company to disown you if you had an accident with a modified wheel. Having had modified cars in the past I know the difficulties in getting it right and SAFE.
Changing the drillings on a car wheel is a very specialist job - getting the Pitch Circle Diameter right, the right size holes and the correct shape of the countersink; let alone the size of the hub hole.
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The tyre you have MAY fit the correct rim, if that's any help.