Speed kills / physics puzzle

with a stopping distance (highway code of 23 m) and a reaction time of 0.75 seconds, he was 30.1 meters away when he braked.
I was using the Highway Code 'thinking time', not some made up reaction time.

Stats please, number of road deaths was at an all time min last year.

All cars are the same? moron!!
You can troll until you're blue in the face. The fact remains that you're wrong, and misguided, and you're not welcome on this topic.

And you can't add up.
I haven't added anything up. Just go away.
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:confused: So you can prove nowt, well played, I have no intention of contributing to your childish and unscientific rant. Go throw your toys elsewhere.
I see you haven't gone away yet. Please get a move on.
ha ha how dare anyone disagree , or i'll kick you out of my debate even when i can't answer your questions
you should be a politician (or maybe you are already)
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And, in case it's interest, the driver of a car doing 77mph would not even have started to brake by the time the child became a pizza on the windscreen.

When I read the O.P. I intuitively thought V2-U2=2as and worked the answer out, but the post did say to sit on it if the answer was obvious.

I can see the point though.

I, (many moons ago) was in a road safety quiz team (OK, I was aged about 12 at the time) and I can still recite the stopping distance formula. (Although now it's in meters not yards)

I don't live in a big town, and so don't have to drive around all day at 30 mph, but when I have to I do respect the speed limit.
ha ha how dare anyone disagree
2scoops0406 didn't disagree; she just posted some inconsistent data and irrelevant claims.

Others appear to have seen the point - this is not about absolute accuracy, but about road safety and how easy it is to underestimate the effect of small increases in road speed.
In these heady days of economic meltdown, it's so comforting to see that some things never change :LOL:
I've been invited to a road safety seminar.

Actually it's a speed awareness course :oops: but I'm quite looking forward to finding out what they have to say.
Caught by a cash camera ??????
An allegation was made concerning a vehicle which I was driving.
Same here! It was a mobile camera half a mile inside the 30 limit. £45 extra not to have points on a clean licence is well worth the money, if it will save a hefty hike in my insurance premium.

Might start a post after the course to compare experiences. ;)
anyone care to guess what injurie he suffered???

as no want has responded to this i'll tell you just for heck of it :cry:

no injury whatsoever was suffered by my boy ,

the car bumper had chunk missing,and he was flung bout 15m ahead

doctor said it was a miracle(truth)

they say kids have guardian angels-well i,m a believer now :LOL:

thank you god
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