The audacity of it all! Obeying a speed limit indeed!

25 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
I think I have seen the daftest reason for an angry driver tonight. :LOL: His only quibble appeared to be that I was not breaking the law! :cool:

There is a road in Surrey that extends from the M3, all the way to Hampton Court, the A308. Lovely wide road, no accidents I am aware of, however some idiot in the council decided that it would be a great idea to make a good mile or so of it into a 20mph speed limit, and the rest into a 30. Should definitely all be a 40, but rules is rules, and I don't want any points.

So, this evening I was pottering (is there any other word?) through the 20mph bit, wondering if I should even be in 3rd gear, when I see lights approaching behind me. This idiot then sat right on my back bumper, revving the nuts off his engine. Look down at the speedo, 22mph in a 20 limit... oooh, I was even speeding! :eek: I resisted the temptation to stop and tell him "There appears to be something wrong with your clutch, matey"

So it goes into a 30 limit, I speed up to 30. He carries on doing the same. When it eventually got wide enough to have a buslane, he undertakes me in this lane, pulls alongside and starts shouting something out of his window. Unfortunately my window was shut so I couldn't hear what he was saying, but I would love to have heard his "beef" with my driving. He looked REALLY p*ssed off as well! :LOL:

So, here is the topic: if you were the kind of person who took offence to people obeying the road traffic laws, what would you have been shouting at me? :LOL:
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You didn't have those rear fogs on as well did you?
planenut said:
You didn't have those rear fogs on as well did you?

No! For all his sins, he was driving with the correct lighting for the situation and conditions :LOL:

Perhaps he just didn't like my choice of music, and had to be so close behind me to apply the stethoscope to my rear windscreen to hear it.
I'm guilty of sticking to the speed limit when it suits too Adam! :D

BTW, I usually just pull over (when possible) to allow aggressive drivers past...

Slightly off topic (sorry Adam), there is a stretch of duel carriageway (three lane) down these parts that splits off in two directions (Torbay and Plymouth) which is located just prior to a dirty great steep hill called Telegraph Hill. The trouble is that all the traffic stays in the middle and outer lanes from about two miles back that wish to go to Plymouth (I guess they don't want to get stuck in the wrong direction... :rolleyes: ) I have broken the cardinal rule of undertaking before as I don't want to get stuck amongst the lemmings. :mad:
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Quite a few years back I did have some idiot driving so close to me for a while that it really agitated me, so I slammed the anchors on, got out and opened the boot and gave him a mouthful and the chance to get in - as I said, that was a long time back and I would now not tempt the idiots to retaliate and agree, the best policy is to let the pillock get past.
"undertaking" is allowed under certain conditions - you can legally pass someone on the inside if you are in lanes of traffic moving at different speeds - so,mildmanneredjanitor,you were probably quite legal - you are not allowed to change lanes for the purpose of passing someone on the inside.
And I generally drive at the speed limit,whatever it happens to be - so would also drive at 20 (ish) in a 20 zone - you never know when there is a camera/speed gun hiding in wait for you!
To digress slightly,I knew someone in the police who used to get his partner to sit in the police van,resting a breathalyzer kit on their hand,and point it out of the window at traffic approaching a junction - cars slowed down thinking it was a radar gun,he nicked anyone with a brake light off..
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