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19 Sep 2007
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United Kingdom

Can anyone help with suggesting LED light bulbs for this...

Healy 3 Light Black Spotlight Bar | Dunelm

The box recommends E27, Round LED, Maximum 5.5 Watts.

Ideally I would want higher wattage bulbs as I'm concerned that the enclosed design of the light fitting will reduce the spread of light in the room.

I have looked at wide angle LED reflector bulbs but it seems that most are of higher wattage than the recommended, plus the shape of the bulb is not as recommended.

The main question is can I deviate from the recommended bulb type/wattage. It's seems strange to be so restricted especially with new low heat LED bulbs.

Any help gratefully appreciated.
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In enclosed fittings the wattage restriction used to be so the internal wiring did not overheat, nowadays the restriction seems to be so the actual lamp electronics does not overheat.
You could look at R63 Led lamps, they may fit
Always good to ignore the manufacturers recommendations.....NOT
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The paperwork supplied with the fitting is very generic which is why I don't necessarily trust the recommendations. This and the fact that its advertised as a Spotlight Bar, yet the bulbs they recommend are not spotlight bulbs... that says it all really!

The stickers on the fitting say 40 watts maximum, which is obviously for old style bulbs and would suggest that it can cope with more heat than a modern 5.5 watt LED bulb would produce. Is there an industry standard correlation that would point to a maximum LED bulb wattage for a 40 watt incandescent bulb?

I believe reflector bulbs will be best choice for the setting that I plan to use the fitting, hence my question. I have found an R63 bulb which fits nicely and leaves almost 1cm all around the bulb at the opening, which should help with heat dissipation. The bulb is 8 watts.

Any further thoughts?

Grateful for any help and advice.
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Fitting looks like it also has rear vent holes, i feel the worse that can happen is the lamp failing prematurely, I would not be too concerned.
Winston is often wrong, so he can also be ig****d
Thanks @333rocky333 for your help and advice, I'm very grateful.

The fitting does indeed have rear vent holes. I've managed to source some 6W R63 bulbs with a good light output, so I've decided to go with those. I'm more than happy that there's plenty of ventilation around the bulb, so the slight risk of extra heat due to the additional 0.5W is neither here nor there!

Thanks again.
There's some bloke on here who repeatedly tells members to ignore instructions that he doesn't like

But gets really aeriated at the idea that he should be ignored.

Winston, eh?

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