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13 Feb 2014
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United Kingdom
Hi all:

I've purchased Texecom Kit-0002 and currently reading over the installation manual and making sure I know the steps before I attempt to put the alarm in.

It is the first alarm with wireless devices I have installed on Texecom so I need to basic help with step 11 in under Installation Sequence of the manual...

11: Learn & Place Ricochet Devices
Once the panel is powered up you will be prompted to learn any Ricochet devices to the system. Devices should be learnt local to the receiver, and placed in their selected locations starting with the one closest to the receiver.

I am trying to figure out the reason for the last bit in that instruction.
I'm thinking this might be a combination of being able to identify the device and for the mesh network to establish itself properly perhaps?

Basic questions...

1. The keypad (LCDLP-W) prior to this step will have already been connected to the panel via the supplied cable to the eng keypad port. Will the keypad be learned onto the system as the first Ricochet device when I get to this step? May I then take the keypad with me as I go around activating the other devices or is it best I keep it close to its final mounting position?

2. Do I then activate/turn-on each device one by one working from the closest to the panel to the furthest? and must I activate close to the final mounting positions so that the correct mesh network is established? Or can the mesh network work itself out later or even dynamically?

2a. The closest wireless device after the keypad will be the Premier Elite Micro Contact-W so I understand that I will press and hold the button for 3 seconds and it should turn green.

2b. The PIR sensors (3 x Premier Compact PW-W NOT ELITE) will be the next closest set of devices so I guess these should be the ones that are turned-on next by removing the battery tags and the LED should then flash once a second once a connection is made.

2c. The PA (Premier Elite PA DP-W) is next furthest, so I'll turn that on by removing the battery tag and the LED should flash every half second if the connection is made.

2d. Finally the furthest device is the bell box (Odyssey X-W) which I can activate by powering on with the jumpers and left LED flash slow BUT the manual says to do this before placing in the final position so I assume I can do this at ground level and put it up on the wall later once the connection is confirmed?

3. Will the keypad show each one as they are activated and will I have to confirm on the keypad for each device as they establish a connection?

4. The manual says to allow at least 15 minutes to learn devices, I've seen some comments on the forum to allow 30mins in commissioning mode (@Superials). So if I understand, after I've done the above steps, I should switch the jumper (Jp7) to Fit for Commision Mode and wait for 30 minutes for the mesh network to optimise itself? In which case if this is where the mesh is established do I not need to worry about initially activating each device in near their final mounting position until this step?

Thanks in advance for your help! Looking forward to installing my first wireless texe system.
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personally, it makes no difference the order they are learned on.

this is what I would do.

1. get the keypad on, you need a keypad to learn everything else so that's your priority.
2. learn on the other devices and label them up on the back so you know which is for which zone, when the device is assigned you will get a confirmation tone.
3. when all the devices are assigned and put up in there locations I would start the commissioning mode. I wouldn't be without my laptop for this part, as its easier to see the progress and any issues in a graphical representation.
in general the commissioning mode takes 15 minutes, start the commissioning mode and make yourself a brew and have a look at your work, yes I am serious, it kills the time and plus you may see something that requires rectifying.

Its important that if you are not using a laptop, to allow 30 minutes (doing it blind) so it has chance and you don't call it off early.
@secureiam as always thank you very much.
I am currently familiar with down/up loading configuration settings on wintex using my laptop connected directly to the PCB. I will got and read up on using the Ricochet Monitor. Looks neat.

With respect to the Odyssey X-W, should I treat it like any other device in terms of learning this device along with the others, put it up the outside wall, and then when all devices are in position including the X-W then set the panel to commissioning mode?

I have to say because I am not an expert like many of you on here, I am tempted to put the bell box indoors for the first week so that if I do get issues it doesn't desensitise the locals around the property to the importance of the alarm should it ever go off for real in the future. But I don't want to end up with a less than optimal mesh once it is in the final position later on.

Thanks again

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