Table Saw Vs Mitre Saw

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I do want one actually, anyone got a rough idea on cost? Seems the kappa 50 might be around the £15k Mark???
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Oh sorry that was a blatant hi-jack my apologies

I wouldn't worry. Either the OP has resolved his dilemma, or drowned himself in a bucket of bleach out of sheer frustration.

Cost for industrial machinery? Used, it's what someones prepared to pay for it at the time. It comes up regularly at auction, though.
Not yet still here!

What are peoples thoughts on the two saws I posted? Or is there anything better out there on the market currently?


evolution rage in general some people rave and some seem to think they are carp but that was a few years ago perhaps they are better now who knows
eurbar are screwfixes own [i think] so read the worst reveiws first and give them more credence as they edit the reveiws
may be better starting a new thread as most answering on this thread are unlikely to have experience off the saws you linked to whilst a specific thread with "evolution and eurber" in the title will get the correct audience
Thanks @big-all I am after a good mitre saw and found those so just getting peoples thoughts. If people would like to show me to something else on the market I am open for suggestions.
Actually, B-A, some of us have experienced the Evolution Rage SCMS - firms do buy them because Evo sell a 110 volt version and will replace duds - but they tend to be restricted to cutting metal profiles, etc (as on my current project) rather than timber when I've run across them and when your point of comparison is a deWalt, Makita, Milwaukee or other SCMS which you are using to crank out architraves and skirtings on the Evos tend to come across as crude, inaccurate and a tad unreliable, so not that wonderful to work with. The only time I worked with anyone who bought one was about 8 or 9 or so years back - and that guy went through three duds in two days (one DOA, one with a guard which kept hanging-up and the third one had the switch fail within an hour of starting work - so he and his team all piled-in and used my old Makita MLS100 backup saw). Maybe we are all just tool snobs after all, though
Thanks for that @JobAndKnock What are peoples thoughts on the Ryobi One Plus?

And anything else on the current market for my budget?

@Roger928 That's exactly what I am trying to avoid something which I can take back if its breaks but also by the same token shouldn't break and will give me lots of good accurate use.


Thanks how do you find the XPS light feature causing a shadow line? Does it work well or is it misleading?


never really use an indicator ok if give or take 1mm
but i suspect like most decent chippies you drop the blade line it up and take half the pencil line out:D
ahh ok brain fade the dewalt is a work light not a line indicator
the ryobi has the laser indicator line lol
but as i say its the touch method that i use :D

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