Tap flexible connectors to plastic pipe

30 Mar 2007
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United Kingdom
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Hi all..

I’ve just had a tap delivered with the flexi connectors in the picture.
The previous taps were completely different fitting but had push fit connectors on the end to go to plastic pipe.
I’m having an absolute brain fart and can’t work out how or what I need to get to connect the new flex pipes to the current plastic 15mm pipework. Could someone help me out please. Thanks as always!!!
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1. Assuming 15 mm plastic pipe, you need two off 1/2" x 15 compression male irons. (They may be called irons but they are made of brass). E.g. Screwfix 69358. Make sure they come with, or get separately, copper olives.
2. You will also need 2 pipe inserts to go inside the plastic pipe. You should use inserts of the same make as the pipe, and, if the make is JG Speedfit, make sure you use the inserts which do NOT have O rings on them. You may have inserts from the old tap push fit coupler. Again, beware the Speedfit warning.
3. Put the inserts inside the plastic pipe (which must be cut with clean square ends, no ragged or jagged ends).
4. Secure the compression end of the irons to the plastic pipe, using copper olives. Tighten firm finger tight, then about another 1/2 to 3/4 turn with a spanner. Use a second spanner or grips to hold the central hexagon of the irons to stop them turning.
5. Screw the ends of the flexis to the 1/2" threaded end of the irons. Finger tight then 1/3 to 1/2 turn.

The above assumes you either already have, or are not going to fit, isolation valves.
Thankyou so much ‘oldbuffer’.. that’s the perfect explanation! I just need to confirm.. Thread to thread so tail to ‘iron’.. I use ptfe tape. When there’s an olive present... so when I attach the pipe.. a slathering of plumbers mate.
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1. You shouldn't need tape, but it won't do any harm on the 1/2" thread. It should seal on the rubber washer inside the end of the flexi.
2. Don't use any sealant with plastic pipe, particularly Plumbers Mait, as it can damage the plastic. If you must use anything, tighten the compression fitting, remove it, wrap PTFE around the olive, and re-tighten the compression fitting.

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