Telford Tempest unvented cylinder resonance/vibration noise

Hi Phil. I can have both heating and central heating off and it still happens. Wasn't sure if the thermostat is faulty on cylinder, therefore making it go on and off, its noisy at night, can hear through my's pics...hopefully you can see them?..


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I also had a solar immersion attached to the system, but switched this off all last week. I have also a couple of months ago switched off my solar panels, water mains switched off, and in house.....electricity fuses all switched offf, but noise continues.....had Scottish water out to check if it was outwith my boundary, he used his £1800 sounding device on my wall and he could hear a noise and got me to call Scottish Power, they could see any problems outwith my property and checked my I am at a loss?
If everything off then it's a mind Boggle. As for immersion and solar connected to it I really wouldn't know. Solar wouldn't run during the night though.
The immersion has its own stat inside so adjusting the one on the cylinder only adjust what temp the boiler heats it too.
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Is it possible water can circulate, when everything is off? I.e would a faulty thermostat cause water to do this?
When I got the new boiler, they found that the pipes underfloor were made of aluminium, so they were removed and replaced with plastic, so I have a combination of plastic and copper...also, I'm removing a chimney and had all the pipes cut to the back boiler....I have been awaiting a building warrant to remove, which I have now. Could some way or other, vibrations travel via back boiler?
If cylinder fitted within last year then by pass not necessary as a different coil is now used on the verticals. The cylinder looks like it's a single coil and I presume is run by the boiler. It could well be circulation pump is running continually but I would of thought the other plumber would of identified that whilst there.
That immersion looks to be wired to a three pin plug which is a no no if drawing 3kws. Immersions should have a 20 amp DP switch to them normally but are only there for back up if the boiler fails.
You said it was wired to solar somehow but still think it shouldn't be on a plug. I'm no sparky though.
Is there a 2 port valve fitted with a sticky microswitch keeping demand running?. If it's a modern modulating pump the coil will sing at random times so fix the pump speed.
A circulation pump? Where would that be? I will ask plumber this question?

Also 2 port valve where would I find that?

If you steer me in the direction I will take a picture and you can advise if I have?

This is the booklet...I think it must be this page as plumber has written on this....
This is the thermostats above the boiler.

Big panel in middle solar immersion, kept that off all week. The one with the yellow switch beside is solar. The panel beneath is the thermostat

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