Telford Tempest unvented cylinder resonance/vibration noise

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You must get the valve between the unvented safety kit and the cylinder removed, and your installer should be reported for fitting it.
Just thought I would update everyone having spoken to Telford. They claim this problem can occur on big systems and advised me to put a balancing valve between the flow and return. I did this and this has resolved the problem. I only opened the gate valve slightly when the vibrations started and immedately system seemed to be fine

Thats what I advised you to do at the beginning.

I am not impressed by your installer! Not only does he not know how to deal with this problem but fits a lockshield in a position which if turned off creates a dangerous situation. It is useful to have one there for maintenance though.

It is illegal to have any valve between the unvented safety kit and the cylinder.
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All in all it's a carp installation....

gate valves on a high pressure system
gate valve between PRV an cylinder inlet
I hate auto air will leak eventually, shove a 1/2 rad vent on instead
botched safety valve pipework
pressure reducing valve installed on floor..gonna be a PITA for maintainence
no drain-off on cylinder feed
poor access to zone valve
no/poor pipe clipping
no insulation on primary pipework
handle still on cylinder primary balancing valve
can the immersion heater be removed with the pipe in the way?
I always like to see a pressure gauge fitted to monitor the pressure reducing valve
Have you any showers? , if so it seems the installer is not too bothered.
I wonder why you did not want to take heed of the advice we have been giving you?

Most of us have more experience of practical plumbing work than the telephone clerks who answer manufacturer's phones.

Did you check that the installer filled in the Benchmark certificate? As far as we can conclude he is probably NOT qualified and if he did not complete the Certificate he is almost certainly not qualified!

The Cylinder is fitted with an intergrom coil, any vibration from the pump will make it humm like a banji. I fit Plastic hep pipe on flow and return feeds to stop any vibration getting to coil. This will solve any vibration issues on cylinder coil. You also have a lifetime warranty so if problem not solved get it changed.
Er... what is an 'intergrom' coil ?

And what is a 'banji' ?
Intergrom coil is a high gain coil of which eventually all cylinders will have to use as its performance is very quick but is very springey. A Banji is an indian warrior i believe but it is just a saying. :D
I'm having a problem with vibrations....I recently had a Telford tempest pressurised cylinder installed with a grant boiler. My plumber can't hear the noise as his hearing isn't good, but another plumber did. He thought he'd sorted the problem by changing my heating controls to 'auto'. However, the noise hasn't gone away. I've read the previous posts and wondered if I posted a pic of my boiler if anyone comes to the same conclusion that what's happening to mine is the same as the one above. Can someone help? As this has gone on for over 4.5 months and getting little to no sleep. I feel the vibrations through my bed and around the house that it is debilitating.

The vibrations are louder at night and I've switched the boiler off, I've switched the thermostat off in my hallway, so nothing should be coming on. Is it possible for the cylinder in some way to still create a vibration if everything is off? I have also changed the thermostat to 25 degrees on the cylinder from 45 degrees to see if it's a thermostat problem, but the water does appear to be cooler when I ran it off. It was very hot at 45 degrees.

I am not a plumber, and no nothing about this, just what I've really need help?
If everything is off i.e.:- hot water heat up and heating then the problem is not with the cylinder or heating system. If it does it on hot water only then it'll be the cylinder. This can be cured by fitting a gatevalve between the flow and return pipes by the cylinder ( and only on cylinder flow n return) and opened half a turn. It is in the booklet of the cylinder.
Is the cylinder horizontal (laying down) or vertical (standard) ?

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