Texecom Premier Elite 48 - alarm not triggering when set to an area

11 Oct 2009
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United Kingdom
I am hoping someone can help - suspect this is down to my setup.

I have installed a Texecom premier Elite and all has been working fine - or so I thought....

When I leave the house use the code and arm it all works well and the system alarms properly. I also set up a nightime area so that all of the downstairs PIR's etc could be armed once we are upstairs. However when i forgot to unset this morning there were no alarms despite the keypad telling me the system was part armed.

I have set the system up as follows

All zones in Area A
All zones except Hall and Landing in Area B

In Areas I have set

Area A to Entry/Exit
Area B to Instant

When I exit the house I just answer yes to 'Do you wish to arm the system'. At night I enter the code, hit Area button, then 2 and it displays Nightime and then Yes. After a few seconds I get confirmation that the system is part armed.

However none of the sensors trigger the alarm.

I chose to use Areas rather than Area Arm Suites. I am sure this is to do with setup, any help would be appreciated, before I get stuck into the manual.....
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Area A is one area(system) Area B is another
Make All devices in programming area A and put landing in part set 1 and make hallway guard access in area A which will start entry timer when you come down in the morning
When you go to bed press part then yes off to bed you go with landing turned off
You can also next part set silent on setting if you have children(no exit noise)
Thanks Hanyman Jo - I will try that. I still don't understand why the system doesn't alarm when I arm area B.....
If you have put devices in area A and you are setting area B then No devices in area B. You are setting an empty system with no device in that area.
Are you programming via keypad or are you using winter ?
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Hi HandymanJo - I am using Wintex and have all devices in area A and all but the landing and hall in area B. So in Wintex when I get the 'Zones and Attributes' page up: for everything but the hall and landing, Areas A and B are ticked and C and D are not ticked. For the hall and landing only A is ticked.
Go to zones
Put all devices in area A
Make all device guard except the device you want go start entry exit
Put tick in part set 1 for landing
Make hallway guard access
Take screen shot zone set up so I can see config
Screenshot (8).png
That's correct
If you press part then yes (do you what evening arm)
Landing will be off in part set
If all other devices are in area A then they will be on
Thanks for that - If I want a garage only for part arm 2, presumably I omit everything but the garage?
If every thing in area A
Put tick in omit 2 on all devices
They will be off in part 2 leaving garage on
Press part then scroll down with v to part 2 then press yes
You can change display in area to eg part 1 evening arm
Part 2 garage etc
Is the garage separate to the house ?
If so you could set up separate area B if required and control with separate code to keep armed all the time ?
From the Users menu, check that your user code is entitled to Access Areas A and B
Also on the Keypads menu, check Keypad Areas A and B are set

This tripped me up recently, you don't see anything obvious on the keypad to tell you you can't entitle the area, but you get odd behaviour like alarm not arming etc
Thanks jdp80 - - I checked both of those and they were enabled - so that wasn't the issue - still not sure why it wasn't working
Thanks Hanyman Jo - I used the part set approach last night / this morning and its much better as I get the audible alarm in the morning that reminds me I need to deactivate the alarm.
jdp80 - I just checked the Expanders on Wintex and only Expander Area A was ticked - I guess that was the issue? - as I am now going to use part set instead then I wont pursue this but at least I now know why it wasn't working
Areas are like you own separate system
Parts sees are program function within an area set
Area A could be whole house with part set for bedtime
Area B could be for a garage and you could control that separately from the house

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